With our population centres separated by vast distances, road transport infrastructure is critical to sustaining Australian communities, growing our strong economy and improving our international competitiveness.

The Australian Government, through the Department, contributes to the prosperity of the economy and the well being of all Australians by supporting continued improvement to our road transport infrastructure.

The Department advises the Government on transport reform and innovations to improve road transport efficiency, productivity safety and environmental performance. The Department also provides a diverse range of day-to-day services to the road transport sector and the community.

  • In July 2009 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that a single national heavy vehicle regulator will be established at the end of 2012 to regulate all vehicles over 4.5 gross tonnes.

  • Infrastructure Investment is the Australian Government's policy for improved planning and accelerated development of Australia's land transport infrastructure

  • Roads policy, planning and regulations including motor vehicle standards.

  • Vehicle safety standards, importing a motor vehicle, vehicle design rules and certification and information on the Australian Bicycle Council.

  • Visit this page for information on standards development on vehicle emissions, noise and energy issues, including a link to the Green Vehicle Guide website.

  • This section covers all aspects of vehicle safety.

  • This section covers all aspects of vehicle regulation.

  • See Surface Transport Security

  • Links to Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economic (BITRE) statistics on roads and vehicles.

  • A listing of Departmental publications relating to roads, highways and freeways.


Last Updated: 11 December, 2015