Infrastructure Publications

  • Australian Government Response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Public Infrastructure—November 2014 PDF: 3049 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Trends: Infrastructure and Transport to 2030—February 2014 PDF: 11748 KB ReadSpeaker
  • State of Australian Cities

    Around 40 per cent of Australia's population lives in just two cities—Sydney and Melbourne. Aside from city states like Singapore and Monaco, Australia is the most urbanised nation on earth. The fourth in a series of Australian Government reports on the progress of Australia's major cities, State of Australian Cities 2013 was launched on 30 July 2013. The report brings together current research, including newly released data from the 2011 Census, to present a comprehensive snapshot of Australian cities.

  • Towards agreed expectations: Tender strategies to improve Design and Construct infrastructure delivery outcomes—June 2012 PDF: 7670 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Infrastructure Planning and Delivery: Best Practice Case Studies—December 2010 PDF: 2045 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Infrastructure Planning and Delivery: Best Practice Case Studies Volume 2—February 2012 PDF: 8322 KB ReadSpeaker

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