Australia relies on sea transport for 99 per cent of our exports. A substantial proportion of our domestic freight also depends on coastal shipping.

The Australian Government, through the Department, contributes to the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of all Australians by supporting and enhancing our maritime industry.

The Department supports an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport system, including an effective regulatory framework for shipping and environmental and safety regulations.

  • Information on the Australian Government's coastal shipping reform agenda and consultation process.

  • The Department consults with industry on a range of policy measures including amendments to liability and insurance standards for the maritime industry, and tax incentive operations for Australian corporations with eligible Australian registered vessels. In addition the department provides operations to uphold its commitment to continuing a vibrant and efficient maritime industry through the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012.

  • The Maritime Workforce Development Forum was established in 2012 to address areas that are fundamental to building a sustainable domestic maritime skills base, shaping strategic responses to the skills issues facing the maritime industry, and building strategic and productive working relationships across the maritime and training sectors.

  • Information about the Department's role in protecting the marine environment from the harmful effects of shipping.

  • This section provides information on safe shipping, accident investigations and the transportation of hazardous materials.

  • Information about the Department's coordination and oversight role in relation to advising AMSA about government policy on administrative arrangements, financial and taxation matters, and corporate governance.

  • Part X of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, including details on registration of conference agreements and general contact details.

  • Information about national and international regulatory schemes designed to determine liability for maritime incidents and ensure adequate and prompt compensation for damage caused by such incidents.

  • On 2 July 2009, the Council of Australian Governments agreed to implement national regulation for maritime safety with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority becoming the national safety regulator for all commercial shipping in Australian waters.

  • Information about special measures to enhance maritime security including security ID cards, legislation, security plans and maritime security incident reporting.

  • Information about measures to security regulate Australia's offshore oil and gas industry including details about the legislation and security plans.

  • Visit this page for information on the background, purpose and funding of programmes which are aimed at alleviating the cost disadvantage associated with transportation of freight and passenger vehicles to Tasmania by sea.

  • Link to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economic (BITRE) statistical shipping information.

  • Information on how the Department is adopting best practice regulation standards in Maritime deregulation.

  • The Department seeks to consult with interested parties in relation to maritime legislation.

  • A listing of Departmental maritime related publications.


Last Updated: 21 March, 2017