Review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989


On 16 January 2014 the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Jamie Briggs MP, approved the Terms of Reference for a comprehensive review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 with a view to reducing regulatory costs to business and individuals and improving the safety and environmental performance of road motor vehicles.

Update: Motor Vehicle Standards Review—Safer roads and better cars—16 April 2015

On 16 April 2015, the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Jamie Briggs MP, announced the Government's proposal to reform the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act). He provided further detail on the options being considered, including to reduce restrictions on the personal importation of new vehicles.

The Government has invited further comment on the proposals. Comments can be made by the end of May 2015 by email to

Individuals or organisations already providing submissions need not make further comment.

All comments will assist in informing the development of the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and the Government's final decision. The RIS will be publicly released in coming months and will include an assessment of the key options proposed for the reform of the Act. A web link will be provided as soon as it is released.

The Legislative Review Process

The 2014 review involved a submission process along with public consultations on possible future options for the Act. An Options Discussion paper was prepared and a number of public workshops will be used to facilitate this process. The public submissions are being used to develop recommendations to Government and to prepare a Regulation Impact Statement.

2014 Options Discussion Paper

On 4 September 2014 the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Jamie Briggs MP, released an Options Discussion Paper for the review of the Act and called for submissions from all interested parties.

The Options Discussion paper is available for download. The Options Discussion paper outlines the problem, considers the need for government involvement, identifies some broad options and poses a number of questions for stakeholder responses. Stakeholder feedback is a crucial part of a Regulation Impact Assessment process and will help design the options that are taken forward to Government later this year. A separate document was also prepared summarising the questions within the Options Discussion paper to assist contributors in framing their submissions.

Public Submissions

Public submissions on the Options Discussion Paper closed on COB Monday 20 October 2014.

Received submissions have been made publicly available on the Department's website unless a submission was marked confidential by request or as a result of being determined by the Department to contain private or confidential information.

All submissions provided to the Department will be given consideration in the conduct of this review.


Public workshops were held for any interested person or organisation to discuss the content of the Options Discussion Paper in the following cities:

  • Sydney (Parramatta), Tuesday 23 September 2014
  • Brisbane, Wednesday 24 September 2014
  • Melbourne, Friday 26 September 2014
  • Adelaide, Wednesday 1 October 2014
  • Perth, Thursday 2 October 2014

2013 Public Submissions

In 2013 a Public Consultation process was conducted by the Department to seek feedback from interested parties on the need for a review and on the currency and operation of the legislation.

1999 Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) Review

A copy of the 1999 report is available for viewing:

Privacy notice

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is collecting personal information for the purposes of the review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

The Department will use this information for considering public submissions and may disclose information publicly or to other government agencies for the purposes of the review.

Submissions (in part or full), including the name of the author may be published on the Department's website (private addresses and contact details will be removed) or in any Government's response, unless the submission is confidential. Confidential submissions (including author's name) will not be published.

Submissions will only be treated as confidential if they are expressly stated to be confidential. Automatically generated confidentiality statements or disclaimers appended to an email do not suffice for this purpose. If you wish you make a confidential submission, you should indicate this by ensuring your submission is marked confidential.

Confidential submissions will be kept securely and will only be disclosed in the following circumstances:

  • in response to a request by a Commonwealth Minister;
  • where required by a House or a Committee of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia; or
  • where required by law.

The Department may also disclose confidential submissions within the Commonwealth of Australia, including with other Commonwealth agencies, where necessary in the public interest.

The Department's on-line privacy policy contains information regarding complaint handling processes and how to access and/or seek correction of personal information held by the Department. The Privacy Officer can be contacted on (02) 6274 6495.

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Last Updated: 16 April, 2015