What's new?

A new online system for vehicle imports

The Department has developed a new online system for processing vehicle import applications and issuing vehicle import decisions. Through a new online client portal, the new system will streamline the process of submitting applications and receiving decisions.

Changes have also been made to the paper application forms. Please note that applications will no longer be accepted using old versions of the forms. The new version of the application forms are available by contacting vehicle imports on 1800 815 272.

Further information on the new system:

…more client bulletins

For information on how to import a vehicle, please contact the Department at vimports@infrastructure.gov.au

Payment information

You may notice that ‘DITR’ appears as the payment reference on your bank statement.  ‘DITR’ is an abbreviation for the ‘Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’.  Vehicle Imports sits within this government department.

Payment options are set out in the application form (Credit card (visa or mastercard only) for online payments. Cheque or money order in Australian dollars from an Australian financial institution are accepted for manual payments).


Last Updated: 17 June, 2016