Application forms

The online form will guide you in making your application. It can be used for all import options and will advise when evidence to assist with meeting the requirements of the legislation needs to be attached. The lodgment fee may be paid using Visa or MasterCard through our payment gateway at time of submission or you can submit your payment later using cheque or money order with the manual payment form provided in the online application.

If you encounter difficulties in using the online form, please contact the Department. Please see the Contact us page for details.

If you are unable to use the online form to submit an application with the Department, you may download manual application forms and addendums. Once you complete the forms, you will need to send the completed forms to the Department.

You cannot hand deliver your application or any associated correspondence in person. All communications with the Vehicle Imports area is to be delivered by email, fax or post. Please see the contact us section for details. This will ensure that no application is misplaced.

Please note that manual forms do not contain the same level of guides and prompts that are contained in the online form. The Department may need to contact you again, to seek further information about your application. As a result, use of manual applications may delay the assessment of your application.

Paper application form and addendums

If choosing to make a paper based submission, please complete the application form and one addendum for each vehicle type you wish to import.

and at least one addendum

  • Addendum IO1—Personal Imports Option PDF: 256 KB
  • Addendum IO2—Non-Road Vehicles Option PDF: 184 KB
  • Addendum IO3—Small Road Trailers Option PDF: 129 KB
  • Addendum IO4—Vehicles Manufactured before 1989 Option PDF: 281 KB
  • Addendum IO5—Australian Plated Vehicles Option PDF: 146 KB
  • Addendum IO6—New Vehicles (including large trailers) for Use on Road Option PDF: 142 KB
  • Addendum IO7—Letter of Compliance Option PDF: 109 KB
  • Addendum IO8—Race or Rally Vehicles Option PDF: 209 KB
  • Addendum IO9—Special Purpose Vehicles Option PDF: 152 KB
  • Addendum IO10—Vehicles for Exhibition Option PDF: 145 KB
  • Addendum IO11—Vehicles in Transit Option PDF: 128 KB
  • Addendum IO12—Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) PDF: 142 KB
  • Addendum IO13—Test and/or Evaluation Vehicles Option PDF: 183 KB

Some files available from this webpage may not be suitable for users of assistive technology on all devices. If you experience difficulties and require assistance, please contact us using the feedback page. Please include which device and assistive technology you are using.


Last Updated: 13 October, 2015