Road Vehicle Compliance Update

The Road Vehicle Compliance Update provides information on the department's road vehicle compliance activities.

The Road Vehicle Compliance Update aims to raise awareness of regulatory obligations and promote voluntary compliance.

Updates may include information on:

  • The department's key areas of compliance focus for the financial year
  • Information on common compliance issues the department is seeing
  • Links to new or updated information that may assist you in meeting your obligations under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989

Current Issue

In Road Vehicle Compliance Update December 2017—Issue 1 you will find updates on:

  • the release of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989—Compliance and Enforcement Strategy
  • our compliance focus on emergency exit requirements for double decker buses
  • the extension of sunsetting dates for RAWS-related legislative instruments
  • new guidance material for those seeking to import a vehicle manufactured prior to 1989
  • information about the new Australian Design Rules downloadable resource
  • the new Australian Design Rule that requires advanced motorcycle braking systems for safer riding

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