Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) Scheme

Air cargo must be security cleared before it can be loaded on an aircraft. These security measures place specific requirements on businesses that handle or make arrangements for the transport of air cargo.

Under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and regulations, businesses that security clear, handle or make arrangements for the transport of air cargo must be Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACAs). The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development administers the RACA scheme.

Regulated Air Cargo Agents are responsible for:

  • developing and implementing a Transport Security Program based on a thorough security risk assessment of their operations;
  • providing a statement of undertaking giving effect to specific obligations imposed under theAviation Transport Security Act 2004;
  • security checking, and protecting the security of all cargo from receipt until it leaves their possession; and
  • providing their employees with security training (for more information please visit the RACA Security Training Framework webpage.

How can I see who is an AACA or a RACA?

The Department publishes an AACA List and a RACA List.

How do I know if I am an AACA or a RACA?

Your business details should appear on the AACA List or RACA List.

Even if you are already a RACA, it is possible that the AACA Scheme better suits your business operations. For information can be found under The Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA) Scheme.

RACA scheme enquiries

If you have any questions relating to the Regulated Air Cargo Scheme, please contact the Office of Transport Security regional office nearest to you.

Contact the Office of Transport Security

For more information:

Apply to become a RACA


Requirements for checking ID


Last Updated: 21 October, 2015