Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative

The Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative was announced on 9 February 2010. This is a comprehensive package of measures to strengthen Australia's international and domestic aviation security regime against emerging threats. Over four years, the Government invested in new and improved security technologies, increased policing at airports, enhanced security procedures, as well as strengthened international cooperation.

Measures set out in the Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative were implemented through funding administered by the Programme Assessment and Subsidy Payment Office under the Optimal Technologies Programme (now closed) and the Regional and Domestic Aviation Security Programme (now closed).

Airport Security Classification System

On 10 December 2011 amendments to the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 allowing for the classification of airports commenced. A further amendment took effect in December 2012. These amendments allow the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to assign each security controlled airport a category. The category an airport is assigned will be relevant in determining the requirements for the security screening of passengers, personal effects and checked baggage.

Improving Air Cargo Security

The Australian Government is working with industry to build a more secure air cargo security supply chain for our air cargo exports.

The Department continues to work through the options to ensure they lead to appropriate security outcomes and support international trade while minimising additional costs for industry.

More information about the air cargo security can be found on the Air Cargo Security webpage.

Further Information


Enquiries regarding the Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative can be sent to the Programme Assessment and Subsidy Payment Office