How are Intelligent Transport Systems being used?

Examples of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology used in Australia include:

Active Traffic Management—technology is used to smooth traffic flows by coordinating ramp signals and introducing lane-use management systems such as variable speed limits and variable message signs.

Driver information—current GPS systems can provide information to drivers on traffic and road conditions as well as their primary purpose of giving directions. In some cases manufacturers have combined to share information to build a real-time model of traffic flows from the data provided by individual vehicles.

Telematics—this is an ITS technology that allows monitoring of an individual vehicle's movements and can record the speed, location and mass of a vehicle. This technology is already being used by transport companies and can be used as a regulatory tool, for purposes such as road user charging, compliance and enforcement.

Rail management—by using ITS technology, controllers will be able to run more efficient schedules due to better information on the location, speed and length of trains using the network.

Working together towards an intelligent transport future

ITS are continually being developed and applied across Australia—often in response to specific local transport issues. The ITS policy framework will ensure that the specific solutions reached are future focused and are developed with the broader range of policy principles in mind—those policy principles that Australian governments have collaboratively agreed are important.

Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) technology will see real time communication between individual vehicles and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. For example, C-ITS can warn a driver that a collision is likely, or alert a driver to a vehicle that is braking hard but is hidden from view.

C-ITS technologies are being developed across the world and are likely to be commercially available in Australian vehicles in the future. To ensure that Australia can take advantage of international developments, the Australian Government is contributing to the development of International Standards and staying informed about international developments.


Last Updated: 19 November, 2015