Regulatory guidance, tools and templates—transport security

The Office of Transport Security provides regulatory guidance, tools and templates to assist industry in understanding:

  • the principles underlying OTS' approach to regulatory activities; and
  • OTS' application of transport security legislation.

This guidance does not constitute legal advice or substitute obligations under the transport security legislation.

ASIC Program and MSIC Plan templates

The following templates for aviation security identification card (ASIC) programs and maritime security identification card (MSIC) plans have been developed to assist issuing bodies incorporate regulatory changes that commenced on 1 November 2016.

ASIC and MSIC identity security amendment factsheets

The following factsheets have been developed to give you more information about upcoming changes to identity security within the ASIC and MSIC schemes.

  • Issuing body enhancements PDF: 467 KB ReadSpeaker
  • ASIC issuing body—Role-specific white ASIC PDF: 487 KB ReadSpeaker
  • MSIC issuing body—Role-specific white MSIC PDF: 404 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Background checking of minors—information for issuing bodies and industry PDF: 294 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Background checking of minors—information for applicants and cardholders PDF: 465 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Background checking of minors—Supplementary factsheet PDF: 315 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Issuing body revocation procedures PDF: 283 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Visitor identification card (VIC) enhancements PDF: 294 KB ReadSpeaker

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ASIC and MSIC discretionary application forms

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ASIC and MSIC communication material

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Air cargo

Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA)

  • Application to be accredited as an accredited air cargo agent (AACA) DOCX: 473 KB
  • Sample Evidence of Security Check/Verification of Cargo DOCX: 19 KB
  • Sample Regular Customer Undertaking DOCX: 14 KB
  • Accredited air cargo agent list DOCX: 654 KB

Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA)

Known Consignor Scheme

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Airport operators

  • Airport categorisation list PDF: 337 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Guidance for operators of security controlled airports to preparing a transport security program PDF: 530 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Template for an airport operator transport security program (TSP) DOCX: 262 KB

Aircraft operators

  • Guidance for operators of prescribed air services preparing a transport security program PDF: 558 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Template for an aircraft operator transport security program (TSP) DOCX: 256 KB

Screening authorities

  • Template for consideration to become a screening authority DOCX: 332 KB

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  • Guidance for security zone signage DOCX: 4368 KB
  • Guidance for supervision and control of cleared persons and baggage outside a cleared zone DOCX: 389 KB
  • Guidance on security plan variations and revisions DOCX: 526 KB
  • Guidance on the requirements for the audit and review of security plans in the maritime sector PDF: 420 KB ReadSpeaker

Maritime—ship operators

  • Application for approval of a ship security plan DOCX: 73 KB
  • Guidance on preparing ship security plans DOCX: 411 KB
  • Guidance for preventive security for cruise ship visits to unregulated places PDF: 239 KB ReadSpeaker

Maritime—port operators

Maritime—port facility operators

  • Guidance and template for preparing a maritime security plan for port facility operators RTF: 42239 KB

Maritime—security guards

  • Guidance for baseline competencies for maritime security guards DOCX: 398 KB
  • Guidance — Role and powers of Maritime Security Guards PDF: 538 KB ReadSpeaker

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Offshore oil and gas facilities

  • Guidance and template for preparing an offshore security plan for offshore facility operators DOCX: 713 KB
  • Guidance and template for preparing an offshore security plan for offshore service providers DOCX: 838 KB
  • Template for request for approval of revised offshore security plan for an offshore facility service provider DOCX: 20 KB

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