Closure of Multicard MSIC issuing body

The authority of Multicard to operate as a maritime security identification card (MSIC) issuing body was revoked at 17:00pm AEST on Friday, 12 February 2016. Revocations are authorised by the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development under Regulation 6.07X of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003 (MTOFSR). This does not impact the validity of any MSIC issued by Multicard.

The Secretary of the Department has authorised ClientView Pty Ltd (ClientView) (under Regulation 6.07Z of the MTOFSR) to perform the functions, and exercise the powers, of Multicard as an MSIC issuing body, effective from 12 February 2016. ClientView is responsible for the ongoing management of former Multicard clients and will provide them with support to maintain their regulatory obligations with holding an MSIC.

Former Multicard clients should now notify ClientView of any change of name or address, or if they no longer have an operational need to hold an MSIC. They must report any conviction of maritime security-relevant offences to either Clientview or the Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department.

If you have any queries relating to this change, you are encouraged to contact ClientView.

Please note that, unless your employer requires you to obtain an MSIC from a particular issuing body, you have the option to apply to your preferred issuing body.