Changes to security plan requirements for port service providers

From mid-2016 port service providers (operators of tugs, lighters, barges, line-handling boats and pilotage services) will no longer be required to have an approved security plan. Requirements for port, port facility and ship security plans will remain unchanged.

Until the amendments commence, port service providers must continue to comply with their approved security plan.

Compliance with other maritime operator security plans

The requirement for maritime industry participants to comply with the approved security plan of any other participant is unchanged.

In some cases a port service provider may have agreed to take responsibility for security measures implemented under a port, port facility or ship security plan.  These agreements will remain in force after the change, but may be reviewed by operators under existing processes.

Benefits of the Change

These changes form part of the Government's commitment to improve government regulation and reduce the costs of security regulation.  The changes do not effect Australia's compliance with its international obligations under International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Find out more information about maritime security requirements for port service providers or email the Office of Transport Security.