Aviation Transport Security Amendment (Checked Baggage) Regulation 2015

The Aviation Transport Security Amendment (Checked Baggage) Regulation 2015 came into effect on 18 November 2015.  The Regulation amends the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 to allow the operator of a prescribed air service to 'flow forward' checked baggage on a domestic air service following a flight disruption which is outside the control of the passenger.

Existing requirements for checked baggage screening and secure handling will continue to apply, regardless of whether the baggage travels ahead of, with, or after its accompanying passenger, and only cleared baggage can be uplifted onto a screened air service (regardless of whether it is 'flow forward' or not).

Aircraft operators who wish to allow checked baggage to 'flow forward' will need to ensure that the measures and procedures set out in their transport security program (TSP) allow for it—or otherwise amend their TSPs to reflect the measures and procedures used for 'flow forward'.

The TSP template for aircraft operators has been updated to reflect these changes.