Aviation security incident report form


A completed report submitted to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development using this form and including the required information will fulfil incident reporting obligations under Part 6 of the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 (ATSA).

The Department should be notified of an incident as soon as possible. Reports can be made either (a) in writing, or (b) orally and followed up in writing within 24 hours. This report should contain as much of the following information as within the knowledge of the person making the report.

All fields marked with a asterisk must be completed.


Incident details


Security incident category

Please choose the category of incident from the list below which best describes the incident you are reporting. This list should be used as a guide only, it is not exhaustive. For incidents that fall outside of the categories listed below please nominate "other" and provide a brief description.

These categories are used by the OTS to assist in the Department's reporting and analysis of security related incidents.


Incident assessment

If you have nominated threat above, please provide the following information:

Aircraft information


Cargo information


Incident description


People involved in the incident

Complete the following details for all people involved in the incident (if other people involved).

Which other organisations have been notified?

Other organisations may include for example; state/territory police, Australian Federal Police, Airservices or other aviation industry participants.


Complete the following details if you are aware if the incident has been previously reported to the Department.


Why is the report being made?


Reporting officer's contact details


This electronic form was developed to assist in meeting your incident reporting requirements to the Secretary under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004. You may make hard copies of this form for the purpose of reporting incidents to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development or to the AFP, airport operator(s) and/or airline(s) if applicable.

Alternatively you can email or fax or phone through the report to the Office of Transport Security Coordination Team:

Email: transport.security@infrastructure.gov.au
Fax: (02) 6274 6089
Phone: 1300 791 581*
*verbal reports must be followed up in writing within 24hrs