Maritime security identification card (MSIC)

An MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card which is issued to identify a person who has undergone a background check. It shows that the holder has met the minimum security requirements to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone.

The MSIC is not an access card. The relevant authority at each port or facility controls access to its maritime security zones. MSICs are valid for up to four years, with a background check required every two years. Those requiring an MSIC may apply for a two or four year MSIC.

Improving maritime security

Over the next 12 months the Department will be implementing a range of improvements to the MSIC scheme.

For details on how these changes affect you and what you need to do, see how we are:

Who needs an MSIC?

You must have an operational need to hold an MSIC. If your occupation or business interests require, or will require, you to have unmonitored access to a maritime security zone at least once a year, you will need to apply for an MSIC.

This includes:

  • port, port facility and port service workers;
  • stevedores;
  • transport operators such as train and truck drivers;
  • seafarers on Australian regulated ships; and
  • people who work on and/or supply offshore oil and gas facilities.

You must provide satisfactory evidence of your operational need to your issuing body before they will issue you with an MSIC. This may include a letter of sponsorship from your employer or a port facility with who you are engaged with.

International Scam Alert: MSICs for working on cruise vessels.

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