Discretionary aviation security identification cards (ASICs): Frequently asked questions

What if I have a criminal record?

Depending on the offences that you have been convicted of, it may not be possible to obtain an ASIC. If you have an adverse criminal record you will not be eligible to be issued with an ASIC. However, in certain circumstances you may apply to be issued a discretionary card.

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What is the definition of an adverse criminal record?

You have an adverse criminal record if you have been convicted of:

  • an aviation-security-relevant offence and sentenced to imprisonment; or
  • two or more aviation-security-relevant offences (with no imprisonment) one of which was received within 12 months of the criminal history check.

What is an aviation security relevant offence?

An aviation-security-relevant offence is an offence of a kind mentioned in this table, against a law of the Commonwealth, or of a State or Territory, or of any other country or part of a country.

What can I do if my discretionary ASIC application is refused?

If your application for a discretionary ASIC is refused, you may appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). If you decide to lodge an appeal, you may contact the AAT by phone on 1300 366 700.