Applying for an aviation security identification card (ASIC)

New discretionary ASIC application form

Who needs an ASIC?

You must have an operational need to hold an ASIC. If your occupation or business interest requires or will require you to have unmonitored access to all or part of a secure area of an airport, you will need to apply for an ASIC.

This includes:

  • persons involved in the operation of an airport or aircraft;
  • couriers or suppliers;
  • baggage handlers;
  • passenger screening officers; and
  • security guards, regardless of whether they need to access the secure area of an airport.

You must provide satisfactory evidence of your operational need to your issuing body before they will issue you with an ASIC. This may include a letter of sponsorship from your employer or an airport or aircraft operator with whom you are working.

Application process

From 15 December 2015, you may be able to apply for an ASIC through an ASIC issuing body before you have an operational need to hold an ASIC.

More information about the ‘job ready’ changes

Applicants for an ASIC need to apply to an ASIC issuing body. Once you have lodged your application, the issuing body will undertake the following processes before deciding whether to issue you with an ASIC:

  • confirm your identity;
  • confirm your operational need for an ASIC;
  • request a background check through AusCheck; and
  • if necessary, confirm your right to work in Australia.

List of approved issuing bodies

Cost of an ASIC

ASIC costs vary slightly between issuing bodies. Applicants should contact issuing bodies directly for their current prices.

Background checking process

AusCheck, a Division within the Attorney-General's Department, is responsible for coordinating the background checks of ASIC applicants and people who are involved in the issuing of ASICs.

The background checking process includes:

  • a criminal records check undertaken by CrimTrac, which is used to determine if an applicant has an adverse criminal record;
  • a security assessment conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO); and
  • confirming that the applicant has a right to work in Australia if they are not an Australian Citizen.

Obtaining more information about your application

For information on the progress of your application, contact your ASIC issuing body.

What if I am found to be not eligible to hold an ASIC from AusCheck?

If your application for an ASIC is refused, you will be told of the reason for that decision and your legal rights for a reconsideration or appeal. For more information refer to ASIC discretionary cards or contact your issuing body.

If you believe that your criminal history certificate has offences listed incorrectly, you should contact AusCheck to arrange a correction to your record.

If you would like to submit an application for a discretionary ASIC you can now either:

  1. complete an application online


  1. print out and complete the ASIC discretionary application form PDF: 1636 KB ReadSpeaker
  2. and send it back:
    • as an attachment via email or
    • fax: 02 6274 7097 or
    • post to GPO Box 594, CANBERRA ACT 2601.

If you have any questions please call the Department on 02 6274 7748.

What if my ASIC is cancelled?

If your ASIC is cancelled due to an adverse criminal record, you may apply to the Secretary of the Department to set aside the cancellation and have your card reinstated. For more information refer to ASIC discretionary cards or contact your issuing body.

  • Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) Reinstatement of Cancelled ASICs PDF: 384 KB ReadSpeaker