Aviation security identification

Aviation security identification cards (ASICs), visitor identification cards (VICs) and temporary aircrew cards (TACs) are issued to identify a person who has undergone a background check. It shows that the holder has met the minimum security requirements to access secure areas of a security controlled airports. The ASIC, VIC and TAC are not access cards.

The ASIC scheme aims to reduce the risk of unlawful interference with aviation.

Improving aviation security

Over the next 12 months the Department will be implementing a range of improvements to the ASIC scheme.

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An ASIC is an identification card used to identify a person who has undergone a background check. An ASIC is required to obtain unescorted access to the secure areas of security controlled airports that have regular public transport (RPT) services. An ASIC is valid for up to two years.

The ASIC itself is not an access card. The relevant authority at each airport controls access to its secure areas.

Different types of ASICs

You must display a red ASIC to access the security restricted area of an airport and either a red or a grey ASIC to access other secure areas.

There are permanent and temporary ASICs, which may apply Australia-wide or may be specific to a particular airport.

An ASIC does not give a person an automatic right to access a secure area of a security controlled airport.

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A VIC is an identification card visitors must wear when they are in a secure zone of a security controlled airport. VICs are intended to permit temporary access to infrequent visitors to an airport. If you are a frequent visitor to an airport you should consider applying for an ASIC.

Visitors who need to access the airside area or any landside security zone of the airport need to wear a VIC and they must be supervised by a person displaying a valid ASIC until they leave that area or zone.

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A TAC is issued by aircraft operators to their employees who are in the process of applying for an ASIC or are current ASIC cardholders who have turned up to work without their card. TACs can be issued as an alternative to a VIC for airline crew travelling with an aircraft across multiple airports.

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