Identity Security

Aviation security identification card (ASIC) and Maritime security identification card (MSIC)

The ASIC and MSIC schemes are part of Australia's security framework to help safeguard our aviation and maritime transport systems from acts of unlawful interference. An ASIC and/or MSIC may be issued to a person who has undergone a background check for the purpose of working in a secure maritime or aviation zone, or is undertaking certain security-relevant roles in the aviation and maritime industries.

Improving aviation and maritime security

Over the next 12 months the Department is strengthening identity security within the ASIC and MSIC schemes.

These initiatives are designed to strengthen identity security in the aviation and maritime sectors, and will set the foundations for integrating future enhancements into Australia’s transport security architecture.

The changes include:

  • Who can get a card
  • How you prove your identity
  • A new white ASIC and white MSIC
  • A new card design

For details on how these changes affect you and what you need to do, see how we are: