Transport security contacts

General enquiries

Tel: 02 6274 7111 (During office hours)
Address: 111 Alinga Street, Canberra ACT 2601
PO Box 594, Canberra ACT 2601

If you have a specific question or enquiry and are unsure who to contact, refer to the list below.

For travellers

To report suspicious behavior or criminal activity at Australian airports

Contact Airport Watch. Call 131 AFP or if it is an emergency call 000.

For local, state and territory transport matters

Questions, complaints and feedback about local, state and territory transport (buses, trains and ferries) related matters and incidents contact your Local, State or Territory Government directly or if it is an emergency call 000.

For identity security, ASIC, MSIC and issuing body enquiries

For air cargo, aviation, maritime and offshore regulated business enquiries

For unaccompanied baggage requests, baggage and dignitary screening exemptions, urgent special event zone approvals or to report a transport security incident.

Tel: 1300 791 581
Tel Outside of Australia: 02 6274 8187
Fax: 02 6274 6089
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

More information about the Transport Security Coordination Team.

Reporting a significant transport security incident

Submitting transport security programs, maritime security plans and ship security plans

Address: National Coordinator—GPO Box 1966, CANBERRA ACT 2601

Air cargo security–general enquiries (including US-bound cargo matters)

Phone: 1800 007 024

OTS regulatory operations—regional offices

Sydney (NSW/ACT)
Tel: 02 8344 3105
Fax: 02 8344 3122

Melbourne (VIC/TAS)
Tel: 03 8608 3300
Fax: 03 8608 3320

Perth (WA)
Tel: 08 9225 1460
Fax: 08 9225 1439

Brisbane (QLD)
Tel: 07 3838 9987
Fax: 07 3838 9991

Adelaide (SA/NT)
Tel: 08 8110 2243
Fax: 08 8110 2249

Darwin (NT)
Tel: 08 8923 1209
Fax: 08 8923 1280

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's (ASIO) Business Liaison Unit (BLU) provides an interface between Australian business and the Australian intelligence community. Owners and operators of critical infrastructure and other relevant members of the Australian business community can access timely ASIO information on matters affecting the security of the assets and staff for which they are responsible by contacting the BLU.

Feedback and complaints

The Office of Transport Security welcomes online enquiries and feedback about matters we are responsible for regulating. Please note this form is not for complaints about, or to appeal about, an OTS decision.

Media enquiries

Tel: 1300 732 749