Security screening

Security screening at Australian airports is the responsibility of authorised screening authorities. The Australian Government sets the standards for aviation security screening, but it is individual airports, airlines and their contractors that have direct responsibility for delivering security screening services on the ground.

The Department specifies who is authorised to carry out screening under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 (ATSR). Generally only regulated airports or airport operators and their contractors will be specified as screening authorities.

For more information about screening processes for travellers refer to TravelSECURE.

Security screening standards

Aviation security screening must be carried out in accordance with requirements set out in an Aviation Screening Notice issued by the Secretary under the Regulations.

Training and qualifications

The screening authority is responsible for ensuring that screeners are trained in accordance with training requirements set by the Department under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.

Training outcomes are monitored by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as part of their Registered Training Organisation audit process which occurs on a two, three and five-year cycle or as required.


The ATSR provides training and qualifications requirements for screening officers, including:

  • a requirement to hold at least a Certificate II in Security Operations or an equivalent qualification;
  • a new screening officer is under the supervision of a qualified screening officer and does not make independent screening decisions until the supervisor is satisfied that the screening officer has reached the necessary level of competency; and
  • training ensures a screening officer is competent with the requirements, methods and techniques necessary to perform their duties.

The ATSR also require a screening officer to display a valid aviation security identification card, and wear a distinct and recognisable uniform at all times while on duty.

Aviation Security Screening Equipment List

Equipment used for screening at Australian security-controlled airports must meet requirements specified by the Department. To inform procurement decisions, a list of security screening equipment that meets these requirements is provided by the Department via the Govdex website.

Industry participants can request access to the aviation security screening equipment list by emailing

Regulatory guidance and templates for screening authorities

The ATSA requires screening authorities to apply for and be authorised to carry out screening at a security controlled airport. A template is provided below to assist.

Screening authorities

Submitting applications and supporting documentation

Applications and supporting documents can be submitted by:

The Department will assess your application and contact you as required.