Air Cargo Security Newsletter—December 2015—Issue 11

In this issue:

Parliament passes new air cargo legislation

The Australian Government has laid the foundation for US air cargo screening arrangements through amendments to the Aviation Transport Security Act (2004), which passed through the Australian Parliament on 26 November 2015.

The amendments will strengthen Australia's air cargo clearance framework and make it easier for businesses to determine when cargo receives clearance.

The changes also create a framework for Australia's new Known Consignor scheme. The Known Consignor scheme, which will start in mid-2016, will permit exporters to secure their products at source before it leaves their facility. Cargo originating from a Known Consignor must be kept secure throughout the supply chain before it can be loaded onto an aircraft for uplift.

The changes will enable industry to meet US security screening requirements and make certain that industry can continue to access the US market beyond 1 July 2017.

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Freight forwarders load up with EACE

Australia's air freight industry has made significant progress toward meeting 100 per cent piece-level targets for US-bound air cargo, after Enhanced Air Cargo Examination (EACE) commenced at 23 facilities across Australia.

Six Regulated Air Cargo Agents, including one Cargo Terminal Operator have been approved to prepare cargo to piece-level standards under EACE.

OTS recently extended its engagement to 34 businesses across Australia, including Cargo Terminal Operators as well as large general and perishable freight forwarders, to guide these businesses through the technology, human factors and security standards associated with EACE.

This work aims to support industry to progress toward piece-level 100 per cent piece-level screening for US-bound air exports by 1 July 2017.

If you would like more information on the EACE policy, or would like to arrange a discussion with a representative from the Air Cargo Security Taskforce, please email

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Changes to Aviation Transport Security Regulations

OTS will meet with members of the Cargo Working Group (CWG) on 10 December 2015 to discuss proposed changes to the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. The proposed changes are necessary to move toward 100 per cent piece-level screening of US-bound air cargo by 1 July 2017.

The meeting will consider detailed regulatory arrangements for:

  1. provisions to establish a Known Consignor scheme;
  2. streamlining clearance provisions, with particular attention on Security Declarations and Chain of Custody Statements;
  3. simplification of administrative and regulatory arrangements in AACA and RACA security programs; and
  4. transitional arrangements for US-bound air cargo.

A summary of the proposed policy settings is available for download from the Department's website.

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Air cargo co-design welcomed by industry

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has praised OTS for its extensive consultation efforts to design new security arrangements for US-bound air cargo.

Earlier this month the Director of the ECA, Mr Andrew Hudson, wrote in his Air Cargo Asia-Pacific article, “OTS has been seeking views of industry stakeholders and seeking to ensure that, so far as possible, those views are incorporated into the new regime. This is consistent with a ‘co-development’ approach being taken by some Government agencies and from my perspective, the OTS is conducting such co-design as well as any agency and certainly better than many agencies.”

Industry participants and representative bodies will be invited to comment on the regulatory arrangements for US-bound air cargo in early 2016. In the meantime, industry is encouraged to discuss their security arrangements for US-bound air cargo with their customers and logistics service providers.

The full article ‘Changes to US air cargo regulation take shape’ is available from Air Cargo Asia-Pacific Issue 217.

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New edition of Export Handbook to be released in 2016

The Export Council of Australia plans to launch its Export Handbook: 2nd Edition in early 2016. The Export Handbook is an authoritative reference for Australian businesses looking to navigate the complex importing and exporting processes.

In the latest edition, readers will find the helpful information on Australia's new Known Consignor Scheme, Air Cargo Security arrangements for exporters and freight forwarders, as well as information on the Trusted Trader Programme. For more information visit:

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