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CR 135: Community Attitudes to Road Safety: Community Attitudes Survey—Wave 7 (1994)


In August 1993, the seventh in a series of national surveys on community attitudes to road safety was conducted. A number of methodological and content changes were made in this survey. This report contains results from Wave 7 and, where possible, comparative results with earlier surveys. Issues covered include causes of road crashes, perceptions of police enforcement of road rules, attitudes to drink driving, random breath testing, speed, and restraint use and involvement in road crashes.

Download Complete Document: Attit_Safety_6 [PDFPDF: 6215 KB]

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): RAMIS Corporation P Mitchell-Taverner and K Adams
Topics: Comm attitudes
Publication Date: 01/03/94


Last Updated: 6 May, 2013