Light Vehicle CO2 Emissions Standards

2011 Discussion Paper

A discussion paper was released for public comment in September 2011 to examine how mandatory carbon dioxide emissions standards for new light vehicles could be implemented. Comments closed on 9 December 2011.

The paper did not set targets, but sought feedback from industry and the community to help shape the new standards by presenting possible approaches for consideration. The discussion paper and copies of the submissions are available from the Department.

Submissions received from:

  1. Argonne National Laboratory
  2. Australasian Fleet Management Association
  3. Australian Automobile Association
  4. Australian Conservation Foundation
  5. Australian Institute of Petroleum
  6. Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices
  7. Better Place
  8. Biofuels Association of Australia
  9. Browne, Phil
  10. Caltex Australia
  11. Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
  12. Close, Andrew
  13. Environment Victoria
  14. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
  15. Ferrari S.p.A.
  16. Frischknecht, Ivor
  17. Future Climate Australia
  18. Godson, Warren
  19. Green Building Council Australia
  20. Honda Australia
  21. Iankov, Ivan
  22. The International Council on Clean Transportation
  23. International Energy Agency
  24. Laird, Professor Philip
  25. LPG Australia
  26. Mitsubishi Motors Australia
  27. Mortimore, Anna
  28. National Transport Commission
  29. Robert Bosch (Australia)
  30. Sucrogen Bioethanol
  31. Sustainable Energy Association of Australia
  32. Sustainable Transport Coalition of Western Australia
  33. University of South Australia—Barbara Hardy Institute
  34. Verdant Vision
  35. Jaguar Land Rover Australia
  36. Toyota Australia
  37. Ford Australia
  38. GM Holden