Yelarbon to Gowrie Project Reference Group

Local knowledge is essential to make an informed decision on the Inland Rail alignment. Four alignment options for the Yelarbon to Gowrie section are currently under review and community representatives have been nominated to provide input about local issues that may have technical implications.

The Yelarbon to Gowrie Project Reference Group (Y2GPRG) has been formed to provide local community input into the preferred alignment for the section of Inland Rail between Yelarbon and Gowrie in Queensland. Alignments being considered include:

  • the route from Inglewood through Millmerran proposed in the 2010 Inland Rail Alignment Study PDF: 3634 KB ReadSpeaker
  • a route through Karara and Leyburn;
  • a route closer to Warwick; and
  • a route or connection to the Charlton and Wellcamp areas.

A like-for-like review of the four alignment options is currently being undertaken by independent consultants AECOM and Aurecon. This involves comparing the four alignments against key outcomes. To ensure a fair and ‘like-for-like’ comparison, the same quantitative measures will be used across each alignment.

The Chair of the Y2GPRG anticipates that he will provide a final report to the Hon Darren Chester MP, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, at the end of March 2017. This report will be one of the key pieces of information considered by Minister Chester when determining the alignment between Yelarbon and Gowrie.


Minister Chester announced the appointment of Mr Bruce Wilson AM as the Inland Rail Queensland Community Advisor and Chair of the Y2GPRG on 30 November 2016. Mr Wilson has held many senior leadership roles including Director General of Queensland Transport, and has the required technical expertise to deliver a major infrastructure project such as Inland Rail. By the end of March 2017, Mr Wilson will provide a report to Minister Chester on the transparency of the Y2GPRG review process as informed by community feedback.

On 27 February 2017, a letter DOCX: 854 KB PDF: 243 KB ReadSpeaker from Mr Wilson was sent to potentially affected landholders in the Yelarbon to Gowrie study area. This letter introduced the PRG and explained its role. It also provided a map of the four alignments being considered.


Organisations such as farming peak bodies; chambers of commerce and business groups; environmental and conservation organisations; and community and progress associations were invited to nominate representatives to be Members of the Y2GPRG. Relevant elected officials and State agencies also attend meetings of the Y2GPRG as observers.

As part of the Yelarbon to Gowrie review process, Members are invited to make submissions regarding the Inland Rail. Items raised are considered by the Chair, and technical data is shared with AECOM and Aurecon to inform the like-for-like review.

The Terms of Reference DOCX: 26 KB PDF: 108 KB ReadSpeaker, which was agreed by all Members at the first Y2GPRG meeting, explains the role of the PRG and of those involved in the process.

Non-Member Engagement Opportunities

The Chair of the Y2GPRG has committed to attending face-to-face community engagement sessions. These sessions will allow those not involved in the Y2GPRG to express their views and ask questions about Inland Rail in the Yelarbon to Gowrie area.

Four sessions have been confirmed:

  • 8 March 2017—Millwood Hall, Millmerran Inglewood Road, Millwood, 1.00pm–4.00pm
  • 9 March 2017—Brookstead Hall, Madelaine Street, Brookstead, 10.00am–1.00pm
  • 9 March 2017—Felton Hall, 2775 Toowoomba-Karara Road, Felton, 5.00pm–8.00pm
  • 10 March 2017—Southbrook Hall, Queen Street, Southbrook, 11.00am–2.00pm

Other sessions may be held at locations across the Yelarbon to Gowrie study area at a later date. If Mr Wilson is unable to attend these sessions, a senior representative of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will attend on his behalf.

Further information

For further information about the Yelarbon to Gowrie alignment review, or the Inland Rail project, please:


Meetings of the Y2GPRG are to be held on the following dates:

14 December 2016

1 February 2017

20 February 2017

27 February 2017

15 March 2017

22 March 2017