General Licence Reports Summary 2017–2018

Category of TradeCargo DescriptionAggregated VolumeVolume / Amount Type
Container N/A 609,132 TEU
Dry Bulk Cement 958,588 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 588,937 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 161,892 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 1,241,036 MT
Dry Bulk Magnetite 7,280,229 MT
Dry Bulk Other 1,822,225 MT
General Cargo Break Bulk 57,983 UNIT
General Cargo Livestock 49,126 UNIT
General Cargo Other 119,307 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equirpments 561 UNIT
General Cargo RoRo 107,168 TEU
Passengers N/A 453,052 PAX

Due to extenuating circumstances, one vessel’s annual report is not included in these figures. This table will be updated when this information is available. The addition of this data is not expected to have a significant impact on the totals.


Last Updated: 11 February, 2019