NICS Promotional Video Transcript

In every part of this vast country infrastructure projects are being planned, developed, financed and constructed. The projects are as diverse as our landscape. The challenge, for the Australian business community, Australian and international constructors and investors, governments, the media and the general public has been to know, in a timely and detailed way, what is in the infrastructure pipeline.

Until now. The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule, NICS, is a unique, easy to navigate website that has brought together in one place, for the first time and from the three tiers of government, information on major infrastructure projects. NICS offers in a functional, dynamic way the ability to search by location, keyword, industry, project status or value of project.

This Australian Government initiative, in collaboration with other governments, focuses on projects where governments have committed funds, and these projects are clearly identified, providing certainty to those who come to NICS for information.

A significant feature is a timeline that shows, at a glance, the stage that infrastructure projects have reached around the country. Following the timeline, visitors to the site are able to note the indicative major tender date, anticipated commencement and anticipated completion dates of projects. NICS also identifies projects that offer opportunities for private sector investment and presents information to enable potential investors to access data and contacts directly related to the projects that interest them.

Projects displayed on the NICS include all large infrastructure projects, generally over $50 million, with some projects from the smaller states and local government under this threshold.

The NICS website includes a page dedicated to the Infrastructure Australia National Priority List. This enables users to view Australia's current nationally significant infrastructure priorities without having to leave the website. NICS also includes projects that are subject to planning and feasibility studies, providing industry, and all stakeholders, with an awareness of possible future commitments, further demonstrating the comprehensive and transparent nature of the site.

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule will be updated at least quarterly and around budget and major announcements to ensure the data reflects the current status of the projects. The information NICS delivers will encourage more efficient procurement and planning, as well as showcasing Australia's major infrastructure projects to the world.

To ensure that the site offers industry maximum value NICS welcomes feedback through the ‘Contact Us’ page, or on an 1800 number.

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule can be accessed now at the NICS website,