Factsheet: National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS)

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is a website outlining the national pipeline of existing and upcoming major infrastructure projects procured by the government  sector in Australia. The NICS collates the infrastructure commitments  of the three tiers of government to present a single timeline of projects.

The NICS can be accessed at www.NICS.gov.au.

Objectives and Benefits

For Constructors

The NICS assists constructors with business planning and resourcing requirements through the ability to look ahead at the forward program of works on offer from governments around the country.

Knowledge of contracted projects provides the marketplace with valuable information on company performance, and overseas investors or contractors with information that may assist them to enter the Australian marketplace.

For Investors

Many investors, particularly superannuation funds, have stated that a barrier to investment in infrastructure is a lack of certainty surrounding the will of government to proceed with announced projects. The NICS provides the certainty investors require by giving a clear indication of the level of support from government for a given project. The NICS also highlights those projects that have potential for private sector involvement.

For Government

By accumulating information on total infrastructure delivery, jurisdictions are able to structure their infrastructure procurements to even out peaks and troughs. This reduces the chance that costs may increase as a result of a number of projects entering the marketplace simultaneously.

Functionality of NICS

The NICS pipeline consists of Government procured infrastructure where the Australian government/State/Local governments have committed to fund construction.

It is a one stop shop to showcase large infrastructure projects, generally over $50m for larger states and Australian government, with smaller states and local government having some projects under this threshold.

To help facilitate private sector engagement in the Asset Recycling  Initiative, the NICS also includes  an Asset Sales page.  The Asset Sales page will allow governments to publish the details of proposed  asset sales, which  will improve the transparency of sales and promote investment opportunities to both domestic and international investors.

The NICS also includes a separate page outlining planning and feasibility studies to provide industry with an awareness of possible future projects prior to any commitment  by governments to fund construction.

A newly developed User Subscription Service is now available on the NICS, allowing users to sign up to the site and receive email notifications when projects or industries they have shown interest in are added to or updated.

Project Information

The Australian Government has developed the NICS in collaboration  with the states and territories. The data will be provided by procuring jurisdictions who are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. Existing projects on the website will be updated  quarterly, with any major project announcements updated within 10 working days. This will ensure the data reflects the current status of the projects and the market Projects will follow through the project lifecycle to completion while adding new commitments as they emerge, particularly around Budget time.


Feedback on the NICS is welcomed to help us improve the website at NICSProject@Infrastructure.gov.au or on 1800 155 798.