Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance

2.1: Outcomes and performance information

Outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Australian Government on the Australian community. Programmes are the primary vehicle by which government agencies achieve the intended results of their outcome statements. Agencies are required to identify the programmes which contribute to Australian Government outcomes over the Budget and forward years.

Each outcome is described below together with its related programmes, specifying the performance indicators and targets used to assess and monitor the performance of the Department in achieving Australian Government outcomes.

Figure 2.1: Outcome and program structure

Figure 2.1: Outcome and program structure

Administered items

The Department administers a range of items on behalf of the Australian Government. The relationship between the Department's outcomes and its administered items are detailed in Figures 2.2 to 2.5.

Figure 2.2: Outcome 1—Programs and administered items for 2013–14

Outcome 1
Programme 1.1: Infrastructure investment
  • Infrastructure Investment Programme1
    • Investment2
    • Black Spot Projects2
    • Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity2
    • Roads to Recovery
    • Off-Network Projects2
    • Off-Network—supplementary
    • Improving the National Network2
  • Infrastructure Growth Package
    • New Investments2
    • Black Spot Projects2
    • Roads to Recovery
    • WestConnex Stage 2—provision of a concessional loan
    • Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan2
  • Plan for the Future3
  • Bridges Renewal Programme
  • Jobs Fund—Infrastructure Employment Projects
  • Sustainable Australia—Liveable Communities2
  • Sustainable Australia—National Smart Managed Motorways2


  1. The Infrastructure Investment Programme was previously named the AusLink Programme.
  2. The Department of the Treasury is appropriated for payments to and through states and territories for National Partnership payments. Further information on these programmes can be found in Budget Paper 3 or the Treasury's Portfolio Budget Statements (Programme 1.10).
  3. The Plan for the Future item was previously named AusLink Plan for the Future.

Figure 2.3: Outcome 2—Programmes and administered items

Outcome 2
Programme 2.1: Transport security
  • Aviation security enhancements
    • improving international aviation security
    • regional passenger screening
  • Strengthening aviation security
    • optimal technologies at international gateway airports
    • regional and domestic aviation security
Programme 2.2: Surface transport
  • Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme
  • International Maritime Organization—contribution
  • Interstate Road Transport Fees
  • OECD Road Transport—contribution
  • Oil Pollution Compensation Funds
  • Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
  • Payments to CAC Act bodies—AMSA
  • Payments to CAC Act bodies—NTC
Programme 2.3: Road safety
  • keys2drive
  • Seatbelts on regional school buses
Programme 2.4: Air transport
  • Airport Lessee Companies—reimbursement of parking fines
  • Hobart International Airport runway extension contribution
  • Implementation of noise amelioration for Adelaide Airport
  • International Civil Aviation Organization— contribution
  • Payment scheme for Airservices Australia's en route charges
  • Regional Aviation Access
  • Sydney West Airport—rental properties
  • Payments to CAC Act bodies—CASA

Figure 2.4: Outcome 3—Programmes and administered items

Outcome 3
Programme 3.1: Regional development
  • Boyer Pulp Mill—Structural Assistance
  • Community Development Grants Fund
  • Community Infrastructure Grants1
  • Latrobe Valley economic diversification1
  • Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Programme1
  • National Stronger Regions Fund
  • Northern Australia Sustainable Futures
  • Regional Development Australia Committees
  • Regional Development Australia Fund
  • Regional Development Projects in Northern Australia
  • South Australia Economic Development Programme1
  • Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Package
Programme 3.2: Local government
  • Local Government Financial Assistance Grants
  • Local Government Reform Fund1
  • Referendum on the recognition of local government in the Australian Constitution
  • Supplementary funding to South Australian councils for local roads


  1. The Department of the Treasury is appropriated for payments to and through states and territories for National Partnership payments. Further information on these programmes can be found in Budget Paper 3 or the Treasury's Portfolio Budget Statements (Programme 1.10).

Figure 2.5: Outcome 4—Programmes and administered items

Outcome 4
Programme 4.1: Services to territories
  • ACT Government—national capital functions
  • Centenary of Canberra 2013—a gift to the national capital1
  • Centenary of Canberra 2013—joint national programme1
  • Christmas Island Phosphate Mining Rehabilitation
  • Norfolk Island—Commonwealth administration
  • Norfolk Island—Kingston and Arthur's Vale historic area
  • Norfolk Island—reforms and services
  • Office of Administrator, Northern Territory
  • Services to Indian Ocean Territories
  • Services to Jervis Bay Territory

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