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Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Section 1: Agency overview and resources

1.1: Strategic direction statement

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a statutory authority established under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 (AMSA Act), with the primary role to:

  • promote maritime safety and protection of the marine environment;
  • prevent and combat ship-sourced pollution in the marine environment;
  • provide infrastructure to support safety of navigation in Australian waters;
  • provide a national search and rescue service to the maritime and aviation sectors;
  • provide, on request, services to the maritime industry on a commercial basis; and
  • provide, on request, services of a maritime nature on a commercial basis to the Commonwealth and/or States and Territories.

AMSA's vision is to be a respected world leading regulator and provider of maritime safety, marine environment protection, pollution response and maritime and aviation search and rescue.

AMSA's Outcome Statement is to minimise the risk of shipping incidents and pollution in Australian waters through ship safety and environment protection regulation and services and maximise people saved from maritime and aviation incidents through search and rescue coordination.

A full outline of AMSA's Strategic direction statement can be found in the 2012–13 Portfolio Budget Statements.

1.2: Agency resource statement

The Agency resource statement details the resourcing for AMSA at Additional Estimates. Table 1.1 shows the total resources from all sources for the 2012–13 Budget year, including variations to Appropriation Bills No.3 and No.4 and special appropriations.

Table 1.1: Agency resource statement—Additional estimates for 2012–13 as at Additional Estimates February 2013

1.3: Agency measures table

Table 1.2 summarises new Government measures taken since the 2012–13 Budget. The table shows expense measures, with the affected program identified.

Table 1.2: Agency 2012–13 measures since Budget

1.4: Additional estimates and variations

Table 1.3 summarises variations to appropriations since the 2012–13 Budget.

Table 1.3: Variations to appropriations

1.5: Breakdown of additional estimates by appropriation bill

The following tables detail the additional estimates sought for AMSA through Appropriation Bills No.3 and No.4.

Table 1.4: Appropriation Bill (No.3) 2012–13

Table 1.5: Appropriation Bill (No.4) 2012–13

AMSA is not seeking additional appropriation through Appropriation Bill (No.4).

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