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Portfolio Overview

Infrastructure and Transport Portfolio Overview

Ministers and portfolio responsibilities

The Infrastructure and Transport portfolio contributes to the well–being of all Australians through the following outcomes:

Department of Infrastructure and Transport (the Department):

  • Outcome 1: Improved infrastructure across Australia through investment in and coordination of transport and other infrastructure.
  • Outcome 2: An efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system for all transport users through regulation, financial assistance and safety investigations.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA):

  • Outcome 1: Minimise the risk of shipping incidents and pollution in Australian waters through ship safety and environment protection regulation and services and maximise people saved from maritime and aviation incidents through search and rescue coordination.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB):

  • Outcome 1: Improved transport safety in Australia including through: independent ‘no blame’ investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences; safety data recording, analysis and research; and fostering safety awareness, knowledge and action.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA):

  • Outcome 1: Maximise aviation safety through a regulatory regime, detailed technical material on safety standards, comprehensive aviation industry oversight, risk analysis, industry consultation, education and training.

National Transport Commission (NTC):

  • Outcome 1: Improved transport productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental performance and regulatory efficiency in Australia through developing, monitoring and maintaining nationally consistent regulatory and operational arrangements relating to road, rail and intermodal transport.

The Portfolio Budget Statements (PB Statements) focus on the activities of the portfolio's General Government Sector agencies. These agencies and their websites are:

The Department is accountable to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Catherine King MP.

The Department provides policy advice to the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary and undertakes policy and regulatory functions and the delivery of administered items on behalf of the Government.

AMSA is the national safety agency responsible for maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, and aviation and marine search and rescue.

The ATSB's primary function, to improve aviation, marine and rail safety, is underpinned by the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

CASA's primary function is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas.

NTC's primary function is to improve the productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia's road, rail and intermodal transport system.

Further details on the goals, operations and operating environments of the Department, AMSA, ATSB, CASA and NTC can be found in the agency specific sections of the PB Statements and on the respective agency websites.

AMSA, ATSB, CASA and NTC report directly to the Minister within their areas of responsibility, with the Department oversighting the policy context in which these agencies operate on behalf of the Minister. AMSA and CASA both have close linkages with the ATSB.

A list of portfolio agencies, including agencies which are outside the scope of the PB Statements, appear in the Department's 2010–11 Annual Report.

Figure 1: Infrastructure and Transport portfolio structure and outcomes

Figure 1: Infrastructure and Transport Portfolio structure and outcomes

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Portfolio resources

Table 1 shows the total new resources provided to the portfolio in the 2012–13 budget year, by agency.

Table 1: Portfolio resources 2012–13

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Budget 2012-13