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The purpose of the Portfolio Supplementary Additional Estimates Statements (PSAES) is to explain Appropriation (Nation Building and Jobs) Bills (No. 1) and (No. 2) 2008-09. This document serves to inform senators and members of parliament and the public of the proposed allocation of supplementary additional appropriations to Government outcomes by agencies within the Portfolio.

The PSAES are declared by the Appropriation (Nation Building and Jobs) Bills (No. 1) and (No. 2) to be a 'relevant document' to the interpretation of the Bills according to section 15AB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

Whereas the PSAES are focused on explaining the supplementary additional estimates appropriations, information on total 2008-09 Budget resourcing, planned performance, and a full set of agency budgeted financial statements can be found in the 2008-09 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements which accompanied the 2008-09 annual Appropriation Bills (No. 3) and (No. 4).

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