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Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance

2.1.1: Outcome 1: Assisting the Government to provide, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure across industry sectors

Outcome 1 strategy

Outcome 1 is delivered through the following output group and subordinate outputs (and associated administered programs):

Output Group Output
1.1 Infrastructure investment 1.1.1 Infrastructure investment policy and programs
1.1.2 Infrastructure investment coordination

Contributing business divisions are listed in the section on 'Contributions to Outcome 1' to provide a link between the Department's organisational and outcome/output group structures.

Infrastructure gaps and bottlenecks hinder economic growth and prosperity. Through Outcome 1, the Department, and the newly formed statutory advisory council Infrastructure Australia, will identify investment priorities and policy and regulatory reforms that will be necessary to enable timely and coordinated delivery of national infrastructure investment.

During 2008-09 and the out years, the Department will:

  • contribute to better transport investment decisions through sound management and partnered decision-making with other jurisdictions, through a range of administered programs, including the AusLink Investment program; and

  • deliver effective progress on the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) road transport infrastructure pricing reform agenda.

Major activities during 2008-09 will include:

  • establishing Infrastructure Australia and supporting it with administrative resources as it undertakes its initial key infrastructure audit, and development of a priority infrastructure list and Public Private Partnership policy guidelines; and

  • establishing the new administered program AusLink Heavy Vehicle Safety1.

In delivering the Outcome 1 outputs the Department will consult extensively with relevant stakeholders including state, territory and local governments and industry.

Outcome 1 resource statement

Table 2.1 provides additional detail of Budget appropriations and the total resourcing for Outcome 1.

Table 2.1: Total resources for Outcome 1

Table 2.2: Administered program expenses - Outcome 1

Data reported for 2007-08 is provided for comparative purposes only, and represents the components that will, under the new Outcome structure, move from Outcome 2 in 2007-08 to Outcome 1 in 2008-09.

Contributions to Outcome 1

OutputGroup 1.1: Infrastructure investment

Output Group 1.1 contributes to Outcome 1 through the following two outputs and their associated administered programs:

  • 1.1.1 Infrastructure investment policy and programs

  • 1.1.2 Infrastructure investment coordination


Output 1.1.1 Infrastructure investment policy and programs (and associated administered programs)

(Infrastructure Investment Division)

(Infrastructure and Surface Transport Policy Division)
Output 1.1.1 and its associated administered programs contribute to Outcome 1 by increasing the efficiency and safety of Australia's land transport infrastructure. This is accomplished through the provision of policy advice to Government and the delivery of a suite of administered programs. Infrastructure related policy advice covers a range of infrastructure matters including infrastructure priorities and regulatory barriers, along with support and input to Council of Australian Governments (COAG) working groups and taskforces, in particular the COAG Infrastructure Working Group and COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group, complemented by a suite of administered programs aimed at improving the productivity and safety of the national land transport network. These programs include providing funding for remediation work on high-risk road sites, increasing the ability of local councils to improve road and rail infrastructure and improved transport access and connections for a series of specific road and rail projects.

Components of Output 1.1.1 and associated administered programs:

Output 1.1.1 Infrastructure investment policy and programs

Infrastructure Investment Division aspects:

i. Infrastructure policy initiatives

Specific activities include:

  • provision of advice to Government on land transport priorities and Infrastructure Australia aspects;

  • contribution to the development of the Government's land transport investment program from2009-10 to 2013-14;

  • review of the AusLink bilateral agreements with States and Territory Governments by30 June 2009;

  • contribution to the Australian Government submission to the audit of nationally significant infrastructure conducted by Infrastructure Australia;and

  • contribution to the work of the COAG Infrastructure Working Group.

ii. Raising the standard of land transport infrastructure

The economic and social outcomes for all Australians depend upon the land transport networks available to them. The Department manages the AusLink Investment program, which is aimed at improving national land transport infrastructure to meet Australia's changing transport task.

iii. Remedial road projects to improve safety and productivity

The Department manages the AusLink Black Spot program which focuses on treating high-risk sites to reduce the number and severity of road crashes. The Department is also establishing the AusLink Heavy Vehicle Safety1 program that will improve the safety and productivity of heavy vehicle operations across Australia.

iv. Increasing the ability of local councils to improve land transport infrastructure

The Department manages the AusLink Roads to Recovery program which provides funding to local councils to improve transport infrastructure,and the AusLink Strategic Regional program which supports established and emerging industries and helps communities respond to structural change.

v. Improving access, connections and railway track efficiency

The Department manages grant programs that provide better connections and improve railway track efficiency including Murray River Bridges: Federation Fund, Upgrade of the Mainline Interstate Railway Track, and Funding for road projects other than under the AusLink (National Land Transport) Act 2005. The Department will also provide policy advice on rail safety issues and manages ongoing issues from the sale of the former Australian National Railways Commission, including asset ownership land compensation claims.

vi. Major Projects Facilitation

The Department provides a Major Project Facilitation service that assists strategically significant private sector projects to obtain decisions on necessary Australian Government approvals and identifies any impediments to the investment proceeding. The service is tailored to suit each project, drawing on the Department's knowledge and experience of government processes.

Infrastructure and Surface Transport Policy Division aspects:

vii. COAG Infrastructure Working Group and COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group

The Department will contribute to the work of the COAG Infrastructure Working Group, which both tasks and considers reports of Infrastructure Australia and the COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group. COAG has defined a phased program of reforms being delivered, in particular through the Australian Transport Council (ATC), including:

  • improving heavy vehicle productivity and road investment decision making; and

  • reforming heavy vehicle cost recovery to remove cross subsidies and introduce charges that better reflect the costs that heavy vehicles impose on society by using the roads.

viii. COAG Road Reform Plan

The Department will contribute to the work of the COAG Road Reform Plan (Phase 1) by undertaking the Secretariat role for the COAG Road Reform Taskforce (CRRT), which was established to coordinate delivery of COAG's research program to consider future heavy vehicle charging options on behalf of the ATC. In its role as a CRRT member, the Department will also contribute policy guidance, analysis and advice to ensure COAG's objectives are achieved.

Administered Programs

  • AusLink Investment

  • AusLink Black Spot Projects

  • AusLink Heavy Vehicle Safety1

  • AusLink Roads to Recovery

  • AusLink Strategic Regional

  • AusLink Strategic Regional - supplementary

  • AusLink improving local roads

  • AusLink improving the National Network

  • Funding for road projects other than under the AusLink (National Land Transport) Act 2005

  • Management of residual issues of former Australian National Railways Commission

  • Murray River Bridges - Federation Fund Project

  • Upgrade of the Mainline Interstate Railway Track (removal of the interstate rail track from Wodonga CBD)

Key Performance Indicators (outputs) 2008-09 Target X-Ref
Collaborate with state, territory and local governments to plan and evaluate land transport investments consistent with Government priorities. Establish the land transport infrastructure investment program between the Australian, state, territory and local governments for the 2009-10 to 2013-14 period. i
Coordinate the Road Reform Plan (Phase 1) report for COAG and the ATC. By December 2008. viii
Key Performance Indicators (administered programs) 2008-09 Target X-Ref
Efficient and effective management of administered programs. Programs are administered in accordance with relevant legislation, published guidelines and ANAO guidance. ii, iii, iv & v


Output 1.1.2 Infrastructure investment coordination

(Infrastructure Australia)
Output 1.1.2 contributes to Outcome 1 though the coordination work undertaken by Infrastructure Australia.

Components of Output 1.1.2:

Output 1.1.2 Infrastructure investment coordination

i. Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Australia has been established by the Government as a portfolio statutory advisory council. It will be required to advise Governments, investors and infrastructure owners on a wide range of issues including Australia's current and future infrastructure needs; mechanisms for financing infrastructure investments; policy, pricing and regulatory issues that may impact on the utilisation of infrastructure; and impediments to the efficient utilisation of national infrastructure networks. Specific activities will include:

  • conduct of an audit to determine the adequacy, capacity and condition of nationally significant infrastructure;

  • production of an Infrastructure Priority List;

  • preparation of best-practice, nationally consistent guidelines on Public Private Partnerships (PPP); and

  • provision of advice to COAG on a range of infrastructure matters including the harmonisation of laws and regulations that relate to developing, using and investing in infrastructure.

Administered Programs

  • This output has no administered programs.
Key Performance Indicators (outputs) 2008-09 Target X - Ref
Nationally consistent PPP guidelines prepared for COAG endorsement.
By October 2008.
National Infrastructure Audit completed by Infrastructure Australia By December 2008.
Infrastructure Priority List prepared for COAG endorsement. By March 2009.

1 Funding is contingent on implementation of the Road User Charge Determination 2008 (No.1) made under the Fuel Tax Act 2006 and declared on 11 March 2008.

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