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Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance

2.1: Outcomes and performance information

The Australian Government requires agencies to measure their intended and actual performance in terms of outcomes. Government outcomes are the results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Government on the Australian community. Agencies are required to identify the output groups which demonstrate their contribution to Government outcomes over the coming year.

Each outcome is described below by output groups, specifying the performance indicators and targets used to assess and monitor the performance of the Department in achieving Government outcomes.

The Department's outcome and output structure, with three outcomes, six output groups and nine outputs has been revised from the previous structure with two outcomes, six output groups and nine outputs, last published in the 2007-08 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements. The revised structure follows the change of Government and subsequent issuing of the Administrative Arrangements Order of 3 December 2007.

Figure 2.1: Current outcome and output structure

Figure 2.1: Current outcome and output structure

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Figure 2.2: Previous outcome and output structure

Figure 2.2: Previous outcome and output structure

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Administered programs

The Department administers a range of programs on behalf of the Government. The relationship between the Department's outcomes, outputs and administered programs are detailed in Figures 2.3 to 2.5.

Figure 2.3: Outcome 1 - Output groups, outputs and administered programs for 2008-09

Output Group 1.1: Infrastructure investment
Output 1.1.1: Infrastructure investment policy and programs
  • AusLink
    - AusLink Investment
    - AusLink Black Spot Projects
    - AusLink Heavy Vehicle Safety(a)
    - AusLink Roads to Recovery
    - AusLink Strategic Regional
    - AusLink Strategic Regional - supplementary
    - AusLink improving local roads
    - AusLink improving the National Network
    - Funding for road projects other than under the AusLink (National Land Transport) Act 2005

  • Management of residual issues of former Australian National Railways Commission

  • Murray River Bridges - Federation Fund Project

  • Upgrade of the Mainline Interstate RailwayTrack

Output 1.1.2: Infrastructure investment coordination
  • No administered programs


  1. Funding is contingent on implementation of the Road User Charge Determination 2008 (No.1) made under the Fuel Tax Act 2006 and declared on 11 March 2008.

Figure 2.4: Outcome 2 - Output groups, outputs and administered programs for 2008-09

Output Group 2.1: Transport safety investigations
Output 2.1.1: Transport safety investigations
  • No administered programs

Output Group 2.2: Transport security
Output 2.2.1: Transport security policy, programs and regulation
  • Aviation security enhancements - checked baggage screening

  • Aviation security enhancements - improving international aviation security

  • Aviation security enhancements - regional passenger screening

  • Aviation security enhancements - screening for liquids, aerosols and gels

Output Group 2.3: Transport systems
Output 2.3.1: Surface transport policy, programs and regulation
  • Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme

  • International Maritime Organization - contribution

  • Interstate Road Transport Fees

  • National Transport Commission

  • OECD Road Transport - contribution

  • Oil Pollution Compensation Fund

  • Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

  • Tasmanian Wheat Freight Scheme

Output 2.3.2: Road safety and vehicle policy, programs and regulation
  • keys2drive

  • Seatbelts on regional school buses

Output 2.3.3: Aviation and airports policy, programs and regulation
  • Airport Lessee Companies - reimbursement of parking fines

  • Compensation for the sale of airport land

  • Fort Street High School - noise insulation

  • Implementation of noise amelioration for Adelaide Airport

  • Implementation of noise amelioration for Sydney Airport

  • International Civil Aviation Organization - contribution

  • Payment scheme for Airservices Australia's en route charges

  • Remote Aerodrome Safety

  • Sydney West Airport - rental properties

Figure 2.5: Outcome 3 - Output groups, outputs and administered programs for 2008-09

Output Group 3.1: Regional development
Output 3.1.1: Regional development policy and programs
  • Better Regions

  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

  • Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants

  • Regional Development Australia committees(a)

  • Regional Partnerships

  • Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme

  • Sustainable Regions

Output Group 3.2: Local government
Output 3.2.1: Local government policy and programs
  • Local Government Financial Assistance Grants

  • Supplementary funding to South Australian councils for local roads


  1. This program was previously named Area Consultative Committees

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