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Department of Infrastructure,Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

Table 1.1: Functions transferred to the Attorney-General's Department

Function / Administered program
Services to territories
Christmas Island phosphate mining rehabilitation
Norfolk Island - preservation and maintenance of Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area
Norfolk Island - refurbishment of Kingston Pier
Norfolk Island Memorial for Minister Buffet (environmental trust fund)
Office of Administrator in Northern Territory
Office of Administrator on Norfolk Island
Payment to the ACT - assistance for National Capital type functions
Payment to the ACT - assistance for water and sewerage services
Payment to the ACT - compensation for the effects of National Capital influence on the costs of providing municipal services
Services to Indian Ocean Territories
Services to Jervis Bay Territory
Natural disaster relief
Bushfire mitigation
Donation to relief appeals
National Aerial Firefighting
National disaster memorials
Natural Disaster Mitigation
Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements