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Portfolio Overview


The Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Portfolio contributes to the well-being of all Australians by:

  • fostering an efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system, and
  • assisting regions to manage their own futures.


The Hon Anthony Albanese MP is the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. Mr Albanese is assisted in his role by the Hon Gary Gray AO MP as the Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development and Northern Australia.


The PAES focus on the activities of the Portfolio's General Government Sector agencies. These agencies and their websites are:

These agencies contribute to Portfolio outcomes as shown in Figure P1 on the following page.

A list of Portfolio agencies, including agencies which are outside the scope of the PAES, will appear in Infrastructure's 2007-08 Annual Report.


Following the change in government and the subsequent issuing of the Administrative Arrangements Order of 3 December 2007, the Portfolio has undergone the following changes:

  • Infrastructure:
    • gaining responsibility for Infrastructure planning and co-ordination;
    • Major projects facilitation function transferred from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources; and
    • Services to territories and Natural disaster relief functions (and associated administered programs) transferred to the Attorney-General's Department.
  • The National Capital Authority:
    • Agency transferred to the Attorney-General's Portfolio.

Further information on the agencies, functions and programs transferred to the Attorney-General's Department can be obtained in the relevant agency's section of the Attorney-General's PAES.


Figure P1: Portfolio structure and outcomes


Additional appropriations are being sought for Infrastructure. Funding for CASA and AMSA remains unchanged from the 2007-08 Budget.

Infrastructure is seeking additional appropriation of $80.6m, comprising $76.8m for administered programs and $3.8m for departmental outputs. The change in funding is mostly attributable to the movement of appropriations between years for administered programs, revised program estimates, and measures announced since the 2007-08 Budget. Details of variations are provided at Table 1.5: Variations to Appropriations.

Whilst funding for CASA and AMSA remains unchanged from the 2007-08 Budget, their estimates have been reduced due to the measure relating to Election Commitment Savings: 2 per cent Efficiency Dividend (refer to Table P1 below for details).

Table P1: Portfolio Agencies only affected by the measure relating to Election Commitment Savings: 2 per cent Efficiency Dividend

Table P2: Portfolio resources

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