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Budget Media Releases 2006-07

Joint Releases, Transport and Regional Services Portfolio

Warren Truss
Minister for Transport and Regional Services
Deputy Leader of The Nationals

Jim Lloyd
Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads

Joint Releases, Transport and Regional Services Portfolio
001TRS/BudgetAusLink commitment now $15 billion following $2.4 billion boost for road and rail
002TRS/BudgetSpending boost for infrastructure for Australia's future
003TRS/BudgetAusLink Delivers $4.88 billion for New South Wales
004TRS/BudgetAusLink Delivers $119.2 million for the Australian Capital Territory
005TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers $300.6 million for Northern Territory
006TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers more than $3 billion for Queensland
007TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers $921.8 million for South Australia
008TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers $441.7 million for Tasmania
009TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers $2.46 billion for Victoria
010TRS/BudgetAusLink delivers $1.67 billion for Western Australia
010aTRS/Budget$307.5 million funding boost for Australia's local roads

Joint releases with other portfolios
011TRS/BudgetAir cargo security strengthened

Warren Truss, Minister for Transport and Regional Services
012TRS/BudgetExtra $270 million for the interstate rail network
013TRS/BudgetIncreased spending for Hume Highway duplication in New South Wales
014TRS/BudgetDelivering results for Australia's regions
015TRS/BudgetRegional airlines support extended
016TRS/Budget$4.7 million boost for security cards in aviation and maritime industries
017TRS/Budget$11 million boost for domestic air cargo security
017aTRS/BudgetHeavy Vehicle charges unchanged

Jim Lloyd, Minister for Local Government, Roads and Territories
018TRS/BudgetDuplication of Pacific Highway to be accelerated
019TRS/BudgetFixing black spots locations to save lives
021TRS/BudgetLocal Councils share $1.7 billion in Australian Government Grants
022TRS/BudgetGo-ahead for protection from Gawler River flooding
023TRS/BudgetGriffin Legacy steps forward
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