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$11 million boost for domestic air cargo security.

Minister for Transport and Regional Services - Warren Truss
017TRS/Budget 9 May 2006

The Australian Government will focus on strengthening domestic air cargo security with a $11 million injection in 2006-07, the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Warren Truss, announced today.

Mr Truss said the $11 million was part of a $48 million package over four years to further strengthen security of both domestic and international cargo - which he announced with the Minister for Justice and Customs today.

"The $11 million will go to the introduction of additional explosive trace detection technology at major domestic airports, bringing the checking of cargo carried on domestic passenger services in line with security for international services," Mr Truss said.

"The funding will also provide funds to establish a quality assurance scheme to support the training of industry participants in the Regulated Air Cargo Agent Program.

"In addition the Department of Transport and Regional Services will work in conjunction with Customs and industry participants to conduct a number of trials to test a variety of existing and emerging explosives-detection technologies," he said.

Mr Truss said that, reflecting the Government's commitment to improving transport security, the new Aviation Transport Security Act came into force in March last year.

"It raised the regulation of domestic air cargo security to the same standard as international air cargo regulation.

"Subsequently, in September, the government committed $38 million to further tighten air cargo security arrangements, including the staged introduction of technology to strengthen explosive trace detection capability.

"This first stage of initiatives was directed at strengthening the security of cargo carried on international passenger services. These policy measures were introduced as part of the government's comprehensive response to the report by Sir John Wheeler into airport security and policing.

"The Government has moved quickly to implement the recommendations of the Wheeler Report and the $11 million allocated in the 2006-07 Budget continues that implementation plan to domestic air cargo.

"Governments cannot afford to be complacent about security - and this second stage of initiatives will help to maintain Australia at the forefront of transport security," Mr Truss said.

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