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Australian Government Funding for Canberra's National Infrastructure and Road Upgrades

Jim Lloyd, Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads

TRS13/Budget 10th May 2005

The Australian Government will upgrade public infrastructure throughout Canberra and the ACT in 2005-06, the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads, Jim Lloyd, said today.

"Roads, carparks and tourism facilities are examples of infrastructure that will benefit from this investment," Mr Lloyd said.

"As part of the funding, ACT roads will receive $22.0 million in 2005-06, mainly for rehabilitation and transport-related capital works including:

  • $0.5 million to keep the Barton and Federal highways in good repair throughout 2005-06. The ACT Government is required to sign an AusLink bilateral agreement as a condition of receiving this maintenance funding;
  • $15.9 million in untied local road grants;
  • $5.0 million in Roads to Recovery funding in 2005-06; and
  • $0.6 million to eliminate an estimated four black spot crash locations.

"The Government has also spent $2.0 million to finalise the upgrade of the railway bridge that forms part of the Queanbeyan heavy vehicle bypass, a road that will benefit many Canberrans as they travel to and from the NSW South Coast."

Mr Lloyd said the Barton and Federal highways in the ACT had now been constructed to a quality four-lane standard.

Mr Lloyd also confirmed last year's announcement of $10.2 million for new and replacement capital works programmes to be carried out by the National Capital Authority in 2005-06.

"The new capital works, worth $1.5 million, include:

  • improvements to the temporary car park opposite Questacon;
  • interpretative signage for visitors in the parliamentary zone;
  • southern foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin pathway (including the Australians of the Year Walk); and
  • public toilets and drinking fountains in the parliamentary zone and along Anzac Parade.

"We will spend the remaining $8.7 million on:

  • Scrivener Dam electrical and hydraulic services upgrade, sluice gate replacement and site office infrastructure;
  • replacement of electrical motors at the Captain Cook Memorial Jet;
  • replacement of visitor display facilities at the National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point;
  • Commonwealth Place Forecourt (stage 2) - concrete lake wall and jetties;
  • replacement works to the forecourt of the National Library, footpaths, street lamps and street furniture;
  • Kings Park for the replacement of public facilities, access improvements, pathways, car parking and toilets; and
  • demolition of the redundant retaining wall at the bottom of Anzac Parade, which blocks the view of Lake Burley Griffin.

"The Government has once more affirmed its commitment to ensuring that our national capital is a great place to live, work and visit," Mr Lloyd said.


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