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Section 2 : Agency Resources for 2005-06

2.1 Appropriations and other resources

The total appropriation and other revenue to be received by the NCA in 2005-06 is $29.0m, comprising $8.7m for administered programmes, $17.3m for departmental outputs, $1.6m for departmental revenue from independent sources, and $1.5m for administered capital. Details of these appropriations are provided at Table 2.1.

Table 2.1: Appropriations and other revenue 2005-06(a)


(a) This table has been redesigned to correspond with Budget Paper No.4 'Agency Resourcing'. It now includes (where appropriate) administered revenue from other sources.
(b) Under the appropriation structure, Bill No.2 includes Specific Purpose Payments (SPPs), New Agency Outcomes (NAOs), administered capital and departmental capital via departmental injections and loans.
(c) Estimated expenses from individual Special Appropriations are shown at Section 2, Table 2.5.
(d) Total appropriations = Bill No.1 + Bill No.2 + Special Appropriations.
(e) Revenue from other sources includes FMA s.31 revenues and resources received free of charge.
(f) Percentage figures indicate the percentage contribution of revenue from government (departmental appropriations) to the total price of outputs, by outcome, and the percentage contribution of revenue from other sources (departmental) to the total price of outputs, by outcome.
(g) Total resources = Total appropriations + Revenue from other sources.

2.2 Budget measures

Budget measures relating to the NCA as explained in Budget Paper No.2 are summarised in Table 2.2.

Table 2.2: Summary of measures disclosed in the 2005-06 Budget

There were no measures disclosed for the NCA in the 2005-06 Budget.

2.3 Other receipts available to be used

Table 2.3 provides details of other receipts available to be used and include FMA s.31 receipts and resources received free of charge. These estimates are exclusive of GST.

These estimates include revenue from cost recovery arrangements. For further explanation of the NCA's cost recovery arrangements, refer to 'Section 4.2 Cost recovery arrangements'.

Table 2.3: Other receipts available to be used1

1 This amount may differ from the amount shown as revenue from other sources at Table 2.1, which reports accrued revenues, as opposed to Table 2.3, which reports cash receipts.

2.4 Movement of administered funds between years

Table 2.4: Movement of administered funds between years

The NCA did not move administered funds between years.

2.5 Special Appropriations

Table 2.5: Estimates of expenses from special appropriations

The NCA does not receive special appropriations.

2.6 Special Accounts

Table 2.6: Estimates of special account flows and balances


(a) The opening balance for 2005-06 is the same as the closing balance for 2004-05.
(b) Receipts relate to independent sources only.
(c) The NCA also maintains another special account 'Services for other Government and Non-Agency Bodies' which has a zero balance. No transactions occurred during 2003 04 nor are any expected in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

Act glossary:
FMA Act = Financial Management and Accountability Act, 1997

2.7 Administered capital and departmental equity injections and loans

Administered capital

The total appropriation for administered capital to be received by the NCA in 2005-06 is $1.5m. The capital relates to works to be undertaken to improve occupational and public health and safety for visitors to the central areas of the National Capital, including the Parliamentary Zone.

Departmental equity injections

The NCA did not receive departmental equity injections in 2005-06.

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