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Section 4 : Other Reporting Requirements

4.1 Purchaser-provider arrangements

CASA does not have any purchaser-provider arrangements.

4.2 Cost recovery arrangements

As detailed in CASA's Long-Term funding Strategy (LTFS), CASA's cost recovery arrangements will commence from 1 January 2006. Therefore CASA's requirement to produce a Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) has been deferred until December 2005.

CASA's functions under the Civil Aviation Act 1988 include the provision of regulatory services to the aviation industry. CASA currently has some limited cost recovery arrangements in place in respect of these regulatory services. Twelve different services are specified under the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations 1995 and fees are charged at either a fixed rate for particular services, or at an hourly rate based on the number of hours taken to provide the service. These services are charged across a range of segments in the aviation industry, but predominantly to licence and certificate holders.

The Australian Government has adopted a formal cost recovery policy that focuses on the direction Government agencies should take to improve the consistency, transparency and accountability of Australian Government cost recovery arrangements, and promote the efficient allocation of resources.

For the purposes of this policy 'cost recovery' broadly encompasses fees and charges related to the provision of government goods and services (including regulation) to the private and other non-government sectors of the economy.

The government has issued Commonwealth Cost Recovery Guidelines for Information and Regulatory Agencies. These guidelines apply to all Australian Government agencies / authorities and have been developed to assist the design and implementation of the policy. The guidelines are available at www.finance.gov.au/finframework/cost_recovery.html. Agencies / authorities are responsible for reviewing all cost recovery arrangements against these guidelines. In accordance with this policy, CASA has undertaken a rigorous cost recovery review (LTFS), involving examination of its operating costs and reviewed its activity levels to identify efficiencies and contain costs.

To assist with implementing the government's policy of cost recovery, the LTFS includes a significant consultation and communications programme for industry. To ensure adequate time is undertaken with the consultation process, the cost recovery implementation programme will be phased in over a three-year period commencing 1 January 2006.

4.3 Australian Government Indigenous Expenditure

Table 4.1: Australian Government Indigenous Expenditure

CASA has no Australian Government Indigenous Expenditures.

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