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Better Training In The Transport And Logistics Sector

Australian Coat of Arms

The Hon John Anderson MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Leader of The Nationals
Minister for Transport and Regional Services
TRS12/Budget 11 May 2004

The Australian Government will contribute $4.0 million over the next two years ($2.0 million in 2004-05) to establish a national Transport and Logistics Centre of Excellence, which will promote better education and training in the transport and logistics sector.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson, announced the funding today. It is to be matched by the NSW Government.

"Australia faces enormous transport challenges over the next 20 years. The amount of freight on our roads and railways is forecast to increase dramatically, and so will the pressure on the transport and logistics sector," Mr Anderson said.

"Our strategy for the logistics industry recognises that one of its priorities must be to develop a better trained and more skilled workforce. More than 10 percent of its staff will retire in the next decade, and the industry faces serious problems recruiting and training young people.

"The Centre will design and deliver training and education programmes that will be used at every level, from schools through to the degree courses in logistics and supply chain management that are now offered by some universities.

"The Centre's early priorities will also include:

  • encouraging people who are already in the industry to increase their skills through formal and informal education and training;
  • recruiting and training young Australians to the industry to replace an ageing workforce and increase the skills base of the industry;
  • the development of career pathways from vocational to higher education in areas such as transport safety management; and
  • working with the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) to create a national web portal with comprehensive information on the education and training courses available for the sector.

"The details of the Centre's programmes will be finalised in conjunction with the NSW Government and the Australian Logistics Council. The Centre will be located in Sydney, but will deliver its programmes across Australia through web-based applications," Mr Anderson said.

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