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Auslink At A Glance

The 2004-05 Budget sets out the funding for the Government's new land transport plan, AusLink, which will incorporate the National Highway system, many Roads of National Importance and other freight links into a broader network of transport corridors.

It is an $11.4 billion plan to transform the way Australia funds its roads and railways. It consists of almost $11 billion in land transport funding over the next five years and a $450 million grant in 2003-04 for investment in the interstate rail system.

The Government will release a detailed White Paper on AusLink next month, setting out the details of the AusLink National Network and a series of major new land transport projects that will start to give effect to the Government's strategic vision. The funding for the new projects is included in the Budget.

The highlights of the Government's investment include:

  • An additional $1.9 billion in funding for Australia's major roads and railways, including the $450 million grant in
    2003-04 for the Australian Rail Track Corporation.
  • $1,453.1 million over the next five years for the Roads to Recovery programme, including the $1.2 billion extension of the programme that was announced in January 2004.
  • $2,550.3 million over the next five years in untied local road grants.
  • $90 million under the National Black Spot Programme.

The ARTC is already planning to invest $872 million over the next five years in the NSW interstate and Hunter Valley rail networks. The $450 million grant is in addition to its existing investment programme.

The AusLink funding incorporates $810 million over three years that will be saved through the Government's decision to wind up the Fuel Sales Grants Scheme.

It also includes $1,500 million over five years for maintenance work on the road component of the AusLink National Network. The states and territories will also contribute to the maintenance task.

The Australian Government will meet its existing funding commitments to any Roads of National Importance projects that are not included in the AusLink Network.

Australian Government land transport funding, 2004-05

  $m $m $m $m $m $m $m $m $m $m
Continuing projects 474.3 252.6 189.3 126.3 60.5 29.0 37.4 2.4   1,171.8
New projects (1)                 155.3 155.3
Roads to Recovery (2) 70.8 52.1 52.1 37.5 20.8 8.3 5.2 4.2 2.1 253.1
Untied Local Road Grants 136.7 97.1 88.3 72.0 25.9 25.0 11.0 15.1   471.2
Additional Funding for SA (3)         4.3         4.3
Black Spot Programme 14.3 10.4 8.9 5.0 3.5 1.1 0.7 0.6 0.5 45.0
Murray River Bridges (4) 12.0 10.5               22.5
Caboolture Motorway (4)     4.7             4.7
AusLink administration and IT                 12.4 12.4
Total 708.1 422.7 343.3 240.9 114.9 63.3 54.2 22.3 170.3 2,140.3

The figures in this table update the tables in Budget Paper No. 3. The figures may not add precisely to totals due to rounding.
(1) New land transport projects, technology and research programmes to be announced in June 2004.
(2) Includes $2.1 million for unincorporated areas and Indian Ocean external territories and $1.0 million in additional funding for local roads in the unincorporated areas of the Northern Territory announced by the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads on 31 March 2004.
(3) Announced by the Prime Minister on 15 March 2004
(4) Funded from the Federation Fund.