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Gold Coast Light Rail Feasibility Study

John Anderson

Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for Transport and Regional Services
Leader of the National Party


14th May 2002

The Federal Government will spend $650,000 in 2002-03 on the feasibility study for the proposed Gold Coast light rail system, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson, confirmed today.

The funding will be matched by the Queensland Government.

"The Gold Coast is a linear city and has a fast-growing population. It could be argued that a light rail transport system in the city would be highly successful," Mr Anderson said.

"Modern light rail systems have been the catalyst for new development and revitalisation in cities where they had been introduced. Light rail helps reclaim cities for the people, by reducing their dependence on cars.

"The Gold Coast light rail project normally would be the responsibility of the state and local governments. We are supporting the feasibility study because of the scale of the project and its potential impact on the region.

"The study will examine all the relevant issues, including population growth, public transport usage, and the integration of the proposed light rail system with the existing public transport and road systems.

"The study is expected to be completed by December 2003, and will be managed by the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government. The consultant is expected to be appointed in late June 2002," Mr Anderson said.

Stage one of the proposed light rail system could link the existing Gold Coast Railway Line with Southport, then run south along the coast to Pacific Fair at Broadbeach. It would serve major patronage generators such as Bond University, the Gold Coast Hospital, Surfers Paradise, and Jupiters Casino.

The Federal Government will not make a decision about providing financial support to the project until after the study is completed.

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