Grants Reporting

In accordance with Commonwealth Grant Guidelines agencies are required to publish, on its website, information on individual grants no later than fourteen working days after the grant agreement for the grant takes effect. On 18 September 2013, the former Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport (DRALGAS) was abolished and a large portion of the functions of the former DRALGAS have been transferred to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

For the purposes of clarity, the commencement date (the date the grant takes effect) used in these records is the agreement start date specified in the agreement. If no agreement start date is specified, the commencement date is the date the agreement is signed.

Infrastructure Investment Infrastructure Investment Programme—Grants under the National Land Transport Act 2014 XLSX: 22 KB
Surface Transport International Maritime Organization—contribution XLSX: 20 KB
Land Transport XLSX: 11 KB
OECD Road Transport—contribution XLSX: 11 KB
Keys2drive XLSX: 20 KB
National Road Safety Projects XLS: 44 KB
Road Safety Statistics XLS: 43 KB
Seatbelts on regional school buses XLSX: 24 KB
Used car safety ratings update XLSX: 16 KB
Vehicle safety and standards XLS: 43 KB
Air Transport Hobart International Airport runway extension
XLS: 42 KB
Payment scheme for Air Services Australia's Enroute charges XLSX: 22 KB
Regional Aviation Access XLSX: 26 KB
Regional Development Bathurst 200 Commemorative Flagstaff Project
Building Better Regions Fund – Community Investment Stream XLSX: 45 KB
Building Better Regions Fund – Infrastructure Projects Stream XLSX: 48 KB
Community Development Grants Fund XLSX: 128 KB
Drought Communities Programme XSLX: 41 KB
Latrobe Valley economic diversification XLSX: 12 KB
National Stronger Regions Fund XLSX: 261 KB
Regional Development Australia Committees XLSX: 27 KB
Regional Development Australia Fund
—Round 1
Regional Development Australia Fund
—Round 2
Regional Development Australia Fund
—Round 3
Regional Development Australia Fund
—Round 4
Regional Development Projects in Northern Australia XLSX: 13 KB
Regional Development Initiatives XLSX: 12 KB
Regional Projects XLS: 40 KB
Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Package XLSX: 19 KB
Stronger Communities Programme XLSX: 616 KB
Services to Territories Services to Indian Ocean Territories XLSX: 31 KB
One-off Grants Not applicable XLSX: 27 KB


Last Updated: 12 December, 2017