Appendix D—Report under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

The Department is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, through effective and timely incident investigation and injury management. Overall achievements in 2013–14 included the review, development and implementation of:

  • Work Health and Safety Fieldwork Guidelines
  • Alcohol and Drug Procedure
  • Bullying and Harassment Guidelines
  • First Aid Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Management System, and
  • Risk Management Procedure.

In addition, the Department's contract with the Employee Assistance Program provider has been reviewed and extended for one year. An internal audit of the rehabilitation management system was undertaken and the associated certificate of compliance completed.

Workplace Health and Safety Statistics

During 2013–14 there were 90 incident reports:

  • 30 identified workplace safety hazards (anything with the potential to cause injury)
  • 55 related to an injury or illness that occurred in the workplace, and
  • five related to bullying and harassment.

One notifiable incident was reported to Comcare. No investigations were conducted under Part 10 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Four inspector reports were issued by Comcare relating to:

  • implementation of machinery-of-government changes
  • Indian Ocean Territories work health and safety management system
  • Christmas Island police station, and
  • Christmas Island barge lifting operations.

The Department's 2014–15 Comcare premium is 0.65 per cent of payroll; a slight decrease from the 2013–14 premium of 0.71 per cent of payroll. The average premium rate for the Australian Government sector in 2013–14 was 1.81 per cent of payroll.

Table D.1 summarises work health and safety measures, indicators and incidents in 2013–14.

Table D.1 Workplace health and safety statistics in 2013–14

Proactive measures
Workstation assessments 196
Employee health assessments 436
Employee influenza vaccinations 510
Wellbeing indicators
Employee using employee assistance (%) 8.51
Days of unscheduled absence per full-time-equivalent employeea 14.19
Incident managementb
New claims accepted by Comcarec 14
Total weeks lost from new claims through incapacity 27.83
Average time off work per injury (weeks) 1.99
Special or serious incidents requiring Comcare investigation Nil
Directions or notices issued to the Department under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 0


a. Unscheduled absence includes sick leave, carer's leave and bereavement leave. Workers' compensation leave is not included.

b. These figures are as advised by Comcare.

c. Includes eight accepted claims from former employees from the Australian National Railways which was sold by the Australian Government in 1997–98.

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Last Updated: 3 February, 2015