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Guide to the Report

This report is prepared in accordance with parliamentary reporting and legislative requirements and details the department's activities and performance during the 2012–13 financial year. The list of requirements on page 229 shows what information needs to be included in the report in accordance with the Requirements for Annual Reports for Departments, Executive Agencies and FMA Act Bodies and where this information is located.

Part 1


Includes the Secretary's review of the year and information on the department's outcomes and programs structure.

Part 2

Performance report

Reports on the department's performance in 2012–13 against the key performance indicators and deliverables set out in the 2012–13 Portfolio Budget Statements. It includes detailed information on the department's major achievements during the year.

Part 3

Management and accountability

Provides information about the department's organisational structure, approach to governance, risk management, external scrutiny and human resource management.

Part 4

Financial statements

Provides information on the department's financial performance and spatial accounting data for 2012–13 and includes the department's financial statements.

Part 5


Incorporates information on the department's environmental performance and performance in relation to various arts programs.

Part 6

Reader aids

Contains aids to assist in navigating the report, including a list of abbreviations and acronyms and a glossary. There is also a list of tables, figures, a list of requirements and an index.

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