Appendix E—List of Grant Programs

This appendix addresses the Department's requirement to report details of grant programs it administers. Information on grants awarded by the Department since 1 January 2009 is available at

Table E.1 Grant programs administered in 2012–13

Program name More information
Program 1.1—Infrastructure investment
Nation Building Program Page 27
Nation Building Program Investment1 Page 27
Nation Building Black Spot Projects1 Pages 27, 34
Nation Building Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity1 Pages 27, 35
Nation Building Roads to Recovery Pages 27, 35
Nation Building Off-Network Projects1 Page 27
Nation Building Plan for the Future (Major Cities)1 Page 27
Nation Building Plan for the Future (Building Australia Fund)1 Page 27
Jobs Fund—Infrastructure Employment Projects1 Page 28
Regional Infrastructure Fund1 Pages 26, 28, 39, 108
Sustainable Australia—Liveable Cities1 Pages 28, 39
Sustainable Australia—National Smart Managed Motorways1 Page 28
Program 2.1—Transport security
Strengthening Aviation Security Pages 51, 53, 56
optimal technologies at international gateway airports Pages 51, 53
regional and domestic aviation security Page 51
Program 2.2—Surface transport
International Maritime Organization-contribution2 Page 61
Interstate Road Transport Fees1 Page 61
OECD Road Transport-contribution2 Page 62
National Transport Reform1 Page 61
Program 2.3—Road safety
Seatbelts on regional school buses Pages 74, 78, 79
Program 2.4—Air transport
International Civil Aviation Organization-contribution2 Page 86
Regional Aviation Access Page 86


1 These programs include grants administered under the Federal Financial Relations Act 2009. Further information relating to National Partnership Agreements for payments to the states and territories is available at

2 These programs involve grants to overseas organisations.

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Last Updated: 6 January, 2015