Appendix I—List of Requirements

Requirement Section/page
Letter of transmittal Mandatory iii
Table of contents Mandatory v
Index Mandatory 264
Glossary Mandatory 258–259
Contact officer(s) Mandatory iv
Internet home page address and Internet address for report Mandatory iv
Review by Secretary Mandatory
Review by departmental secretary Mandatory 2–6
Overview of department's performance and financial results Suggested 2–9
Outlook for following year Suggested 5
Departmental Overview Mandatory
Role and functions Mandatory 12, 14–17, 106
Organisational structure Mandatory 14
Outcome and program structure Mandatory 15
Where outcome and program structures differ from PB Statements/PAES or other portfolio statements accompanying any other additional appropriation bills (other portfolio statements), details of variation and reasons for change Mandatory Not applicable
Portfolio structure Portfolio departments-mandatory 16–17, 160–161
Report on Performance Mandatory
Review of performance during the year in relation to programs and contribution to outcomes Mandatory 20–111
Actual performance in relation to deliverables and KPIs set out in PB Statements/PAES or other portfolio statements Mandatory 23–27, 46–52, 61–65, 75–78, 84–87, 108–109
Where performance targets differ from the PBS/ PAES, details of both former and new targets, and reasons for the change Mandatory Not applicable
Narrative discussion and analysis of performance Mandatory 20–111
Trend information Mandatory 2, 6–9, 35, 50, 69, 70, 74, 83, 94, 101, 142, 152
Social inclusion outcomes If applicable, mandatory 128–129, 144
Performance against service charter customer service standards, complaints data, and the department's response to complaints If applicable, mandatory 120
Discussion and analysis of the department's financial performance Mandatory 6–9
Discussion of any significant changes from the prior year, from budget or anticipated to have a significant impact on future operations Mandatory 8
Agency resource statement and summary resource tables by outcomes Mandatory 132–140
Management Accountability
Corporate Governance
Agency heads are required to certify that their agency comply with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines Mandatory 119
Statement of the main corporate governance practices in place Mandatory 114–120
Names of the senior executive and their responsibilities Suggested 13
Senior management committees and their roles Suggested 13, 114–117
Approach adopted to identifying areas of significant financial or operational risk Suggested 118
Policy and practices on the establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standards Suggested 119–120
How nature and amount of remuneration for SES officers is determined Suggested 127
External Scrutiny
Significant developments in external scrutiny Mandatory 120–122
Judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunals Mandatory 120
Reports by the Auditor-General, a Parliamentary Committee or the Commonwealth Ombudsman Mandatory 121–122
Management of Human Resources
Assessment of effectiveness in managing and developing human resources to achieve departmental objectives Mandatory 123–129
Training and development undertaken and its impact Suggested 125–126
Work health and safety performance Suggested 153–154
Statistics on staffing Mandatory 123–124, 128, 129
Enterprise or collective agreements, IFAs, determinations, common law contracts and AWAs Mandatory 117, 126–128
Performance pay Mandatory 127
Assets management
Assessment of effectiveness of assets management If applicable, mandatory 7
Assessment of purchasing against core policies and principles Mandatory 141–143
The annual report must include a summary statement detailing the number of new consultancy services contracts let during the year; the total actual expenditure on all new consultancy contracts let during the year (inclusive of GST); the number of ongoing consultancy contracts that were active in the reporting year; and the total actual expenditure in the reporting year on the ongoing consultancy contracts (inclusive of GST). The annual report must include a statement noting that information on contracts and consultancies is available through the AusTender website. Mandatory 142
Australian National Audit Office Access Clauses
Absence of provisions in contracts allowing access by the Auditor-General Mandatory 142
Exempt contracts
Contracts exempt from the AusTender Mandatory 142
Financial Statements
Financial Statements Mandatory 165–256
Other Mandatory Information
Work health and safety (Schedule 2, Part 4 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011) Mandatory 153–154
Advertising and Market Research (Section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918) and statement on advertising campaigns Mandatory 143
Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance (Section 516A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) Mandatory 145–152
Compliance with the agency's obligations under the Carer Recognition Act 2010 If applicable, mandatory Not applicable
Grant programs Mandatory 2, 155–156
Disability reporting—explicit and transparent reference to agency level information available through other reporting mechanisms Mandatory 144
Information Publication Scheme statement Mandatory 111, 120
Correction of material errors in previous annual report If applicable, Mandatory Not applicable
List of Requirements Mandatory 162–164

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